bear update

I know that you may not appreciate how cute he looks with sweet potato all over his face, but this photo takes my breath away at how much he resembles his Daddy. That’s one handsome baby, right ther.

So we found out a little over a week ago that at 7 months old, Bear was losing weight and weighed a mere 13 lbs. The doctor requested that I stop breast-feeding and begin putting him on formula to see if the issue was the breast milk. In the week since we started formula I made the decision that I would end breast-feeding. I knew that I could pump every couple of hours to maintain my supply that week, but the idea of doing so while taking care of my boys, the house, my business, AND during a week that Preacher Man had a student ministry trip….just overwhelmed me. I stopped popping Fenugreek like it was candy and pumped when I felt uncomfortable. At our weight check on Thursday, Bear weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs!

Fatty McButter Pants, that kid.

The pediatrician was pleased and said, “So the good news is that your son doesn’t have a metabolic issue, and the problem looks like it’s with your breast milk. Are you comfortable in continuing with formula?” I explained that I had already resigned my role as breast feeder, but that I had been pumping once a day since Bear was seven weeks old, and I had a freezer chest full of breast milk. “Is there any possible way that I can give that to him?” I asked. In my head however, I was saying, “We’re using that milk. Come heck or high water, that milk is not going to waste.”

The doctor hesitated and told me that he feels like Bear lost weight not because of a quantity of breast milk, but because of the quality. My milk just didn’t have enough calories in it. I’ve never actually heard of this happening before and I tend to be a skeptic, but you can’t argue with the fact that my supply was good enough to allow me to pump 2-5 ounces every day and yet Bear still lost weight. Or maybe you can argue with that. I don’t know, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

So probably because my eyes were filling with tears as I imagined not being able to use the milk I’d pumped, the doctor acquiesced to letting me give Bear bottles that are half breast milk and half formula – on the condition that we do another weight check in two weeks. Because I really do care more about my sweet boy growing as he should than I do about using milk that may or may not be everything he needs, that’s a fair compromise to me.

And I can’t lie. On my way home from the doctor’s, I did in fact stop at Sonic and get a Reese’s blast. Seven months with nary a taste of dairy is tough, ya’ll!


Now you want one too, don’t you? Yeah, I can’t blame you.



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