a conversation with bug

Bug: “Whatttt a deeeeer?’

Me: “You want a deer?”

Bug: “No. Whaatttt a deeeeer?”

Me: “What is a deer?”

Bug: “No! Whaattt a deeeeeeeer?”

Me: “What’s over there?”

Bug: “No. Whatttt a deeeer?”

Me: “What’s the deal?”

Bug: “No. Whattt a deeeeer!”

Me: “Waaaat a dare?”

Bug: “YES!”

…And as I’m typing this, he’s playing in Bear’s Baby Einstein Jumparoo. I should probably get him out of it, but it’s at least better than him trying to take every piece of clothing we own off of their hangers. You know, pick your battles and all that.



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