thomas’ day out

We are in full on train mode at our house right now. If it’s not Thomas, it’s Chuggington, and if it’s not one of those it’s any random choo-choo that thrills Bug’s heart. So when we found out that Thomas himself was going to be nearby and available for train rides, we were like Duh.


Bug and Bear both absolutely loved the entire event, and Preacher Man and I didn’t have too shabby of a time, either. Bug was so excited (and by “excited,” I mean cranky) that he threw himself on the floor in a fit as were ready to leave the house, but once he grasped that we were going to see a real train, his mood changed.

I’ve included this photo solely so you can see that Bear does in fact have his little leg fat rolls back! Yay for baby weight gain!

We hit up the petting zoo first thing, which was a big hit with Bug. He very loudly said, “HI CHICKLE!” to the poor chicken, and he tried to hug a goat. I think the goat secretly liked it.

Afterwards, we were all about hooking him up with a very manly looking Thomas tattoo. Bug still kisses (or as he says, “tiss”) it as I’m getting him ready in the mornings and usually insists that I kiss it, too. Yep, that’s my tough guy.



In typical Bug fashion, he sat quietly the entire train ride and just took it in. It wasn’t until we got back in the car on the way home that he started talking nonstop about the real choo-choo. He still wakes up every morning and tells us all about what seems to be his favorite day to date. Spending the day with Thomas was not something I ever thought I’d do before children. Then again, there are many things I never thought I’d do pre-kids. Like wipe a snotty nose with my shirt sleeve.

Thomas was way more fun.




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