bug & anton

Bug having a chat with his sweet Mama Maurer

Bug has developed a fondness for talking on the phone lately. His conversations usually go something like:


“A down a slide.”


“A baby!”


Of course we can’t usually hear the other side of the conversation, so I can only assume that every single person to whom he talks asks him the same two questions: 1)What is your favorite thing to do on the playground? 2)What is that loud racket in the background?

He’s also really learning to interact on Skype, which is fun to watch. His favorite thing is to “poke” at the person’s nose with his finger and say, “boop!” then laugh hysterically. Of course he’s just poking at the computer screen, and I have to let the other person know what the heck is going on, but it’s so cool to watch him interact and even remember who people are.

It’s easy to forget that not long ago, people communicated primarily through snail mailed letters. It fills my heart to know that I can text, call, email, and even sometimes “see” people I miss. It fills my heart even MORE to know that our boys can do the same. It makes the world seem not quite so big.

Speaking of small world, I’m so excited to officially be able to say that sweet, sweet Anton is committed to his forever family! His sweet face has been on my mind and in my heart since I first read about him, and Shawn and I very seriously considered his adoption. We each independently felt like God wasn’t giving us the green light to pursue adoption right now, but he’s been a constant theme in my prayers. Anton was born with a twin brother in Russia. When it was discovered that he has EB, his mother left him, and he’s currently being raised in a hospital. I can’t imagine that he’s getting all the care, love, stimulation, physical and mental therapy, and cuddles he needs and deserves from hospital staff, although I’m sure they’re caring for him as well as they can.

And the best news (in my selfish view)? The family lives very close to our home in Texas. As in, we probably use the same grocery stores close. Even though I’ve seen it dozens of times in my lifetime, I never get tired of seeing God’s hands working in both the big and small picture. The D family is crazy busy right now setting up their home studies, psych evaluations, and everything else required for a regular international adoption (much less a special needs international adoption. it makes me tired just thinking about it!), but we have big plans of getting together soon! In the meantime, please remember that the financial cost of adoption can be overhwhelming. On top of that, the financial cost of ongoing EB care is insane. Please consider donating to their Reece’s Rainbow page, and make sure you check out the Hope for Anton blog and get your auction on!


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