bug the unimpressed

Untitled from jennyerally speaking on Vimeo.

Bug and I have very similar personalities. Perhaps this would explain why he drives me crazy sometimes. In fact, having a child whose personality is similar to one’s own can teach one very much about the way one is wired. For instance, one might have learned a bit about she tends to be a tiny bit overdramatic and just a touch too stubborn. But I happen to be the World’s Perfect Mom, so of course this “one” of whom I speak would not be me.

Of course.

As I watched Bug watch the train environment though, I felt like I was looking in a mirror. While some may look at Bug and think that he was just not excited about seeing the giant sized Thomas train. I knew better. I knew that Bug’s seeming lack of expression was just evidence that he was SO excited, he was just taking it all in. When I go to concerts, I’m totally the annoying person who stands with her arms folded and rarely sings along with the artist. I mean, if I’m gonna drop $50 to attend a concert, the last thing I want to hear is my own voice, am I right?

I think Bug knew what the tickets cost and was all like, “Why would I jump up and down and shout with excitement and totally miss hearing the conductor’s voice?”

Smart boy, I say. Overly dramatic and stubborn, sure. But smart.


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