a letter from mee-hee

Dear Bug,

I just want you to know that you’re my best friend. My favorite time of the day is nap time and bed time, because that’s when I get to cuddle with you. It makes me happy to know that you will ask for little old me if your Mommy and Daddy try to put you to sleep without me. I like that you lay your head directly on me when you’re falling asleep, and that you take me with you when you wake up your Mommy and Daddy in the mornings. It fills my sock monkey heart up when you fall and want to cuddle with me for comfort. Your Mommy tells me that you’ve never been attached to anything before. She told me one time that she used to try and get you to have a favorite stuffed animal, because she thought it would help you sleep better. I’m not sure why your Mommy was talking to a sock money, but I guess that’s probably the least of her issues. One day a friend got me for you, your Mommy took me home to you, and you’ve loved me ever since. I’m so happy to know that you waited for and chose me – a simple sock monkey.

I know that someday you’ll be all big and grown up, and won’t need me to keep you company at night anymore, but that’s okay. I’m happy to be your best pal right now. I’m honored that you drag me around, spill your sippy cup on me, and try to feed me your bagel. I love you for who you are – crazy, hyper, sweet, active, cuddly, and giggly – and maybe that’s why we’re such good friends. Bug, you’re my favorite and my best, and I’ll be glad to cuddle with you as long as you’ll let me.




2 thoughts on “a letter from mee-hee

  1. Mee-Hee , it was so good to see your picture and see that you’re doing well too since the move to TX. It eases my mind knowing that you are there to comfort Jude when Grammy can’t. We love you too Mee-Hee!! Love, Grammy

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