Preacher Man: Though still staying busy, Preacher Man has enjoyed a little bit of a break from trips and being out of town. I think he’s starting to feel like he has his bearings in the new ministry a little better, although I know he’s learning new things every day. The student ministry (Jr. & Sr. High) is moving to a new building sometime in July, and with that will come the launch of new programming, so that’s exciting and is keeping him busy.

Jen: Now that Bear has been consistently sleeping through the night for about a month, I feel like I’m finally catching up on sleep and am waking up rested. It seemed like I experienced a hormone shift when I stopped nursing that knocked me back a bit, but I think I’m coming out of that and am feeling like myself again. I’m still running and ran 5 miles this past Saturday! I mean, I ran at a 13 min/mile pace which is some people’s speed walking pace, but whatever. 5 miles is 5 miles. I’ve also lost 20 lbs, so I only have 20 more lbs until I’m back at my pre-Bug pregnancy weight. 20 lbs is still a long way to go, but it’s nice to not be wearing maternity clothes any longer and feel a little better about how I look.

Bug: Bug is adorable and is doing great. He’s still loving preschool, and I think might have a little bit of sadness at the end of the school year. It seems like he’s picking up new words and phrases every day and has even been communicating more complex thoughts lately. He’s started pretend playing (he pretended he was in the bath tub the other day), and is still doing great at enthusiastically learning about the world around him. He’s also just about the best big brother in the world. He loves finding toys for Bear to play with, and he often gets close to Bear’s face while they both just laugh and make each other giggle.

Bear: Sweet Bear is doing awesome and seems to be gaining weight terrifically. He has a weight check later this week, so I’m interested to see how he’s doing. I think he just finished a growth spurt and is working on his top two front teeth coming through. Bear is saying, “Mama,” “Dadda,” and I think even, “Baby.”

The weather here is Texas is definitely warming up – we’ve hit 90 degrees a couple of times this past week. So far it’s tolerable, but I don’t think words can express how much I’m NOT looking forward to this summer. We still find ourselves missing family and friends, but we’re transitioning here well and are feeling so very blessed. I mean, I could do without having to kill a couple of cockroaches a week, but I like to think it’s just my contribution to our new state. You’re welcome, Texas. You’re welcome.


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