a letter to bear


Dear Sweet Bear,

Today sweet son, you are eight months old. That’s right, kiddo – you are officially creeping up on one year! It’s really incredible to look at how much you’ve grown in just four short weeks. For starters, you’ve been putting on weight again which makes everyone thrilled. You have your cute little fat rolls and cankles back, and that may mandate lots of pinching and baby talking. After a recent growth spurt, you’re now taking 3 bottles of about 9 ounces each and are all about self-feeding. You tolerate Mommy and Daddy feeding you purees from a spoon, but the real action you love is picking up small pieces of food and putting them into your mouth yourself. Your fine motor skills are actually pretty impressive, Love! At eight months old, you now have exactly 2.5 teeth. You got your bottom two front teeth awhile ago and have been working on your top two front teeth for a while now. One of them has finally broken through the skin, but hasn’t moved down much since. Believe it or not, your teeth make you even cuter.


I also believe that I can officially say you’re now crawling! Well, not as much crawling as flop-scooting, but I think it counts. You like to get up on your hands and knees, and rock back and forth with gusto. It looks like you’re thinking, “If I could just get enough momentum, I’m sure I could rocket myself over there!” After lots of rocking, you then flatten out and just kind of flop your way to your desired object. It’s adorable, and we love that you’re able to start moving! Along with flop/scooting, you’ve developed an intense love of jumping. Whether it’s the jumparoo, the Johnny Jump Up, or just jumping in Mommy’s arms – you’re kind of a jumping machine lately.


As you get older, Daddy and I are really enjoying seeing your personality grow. You still just love eye contact and are typically happy as long as you have someone to watch you. I love when you’re jumping in your Jumperoo and look over to see Daddy or I looking at you. You usually start belly laughing at us – not because of a face or sound we’ve made – just because we’re making eye contact with you. You also like to make strangers smile, but after you scrunch up your shoulders in glee, you bury your head in my shoulder almost as if you’re being shy.


I can hardly believe that it’s been eight months since I gave birth to you, Bear, and I have to say that I’ve loved every single day of your life. Your smile and your giggles fill my day, and I can’t imagine a more lovely way for it to be filled. As each month passes, I find that I love you so much more than I thought possible. You have such a joyful spirit and your life is such a blessing to us, Bear. We love you so much and pray you know that God loves you even more. Bear, He has a plan for you and I pray every night that you would feel and know Him even now. We love you so much Bear.


Love you always,

Mommy & Daddy



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