wake wuk baby, a see a side!

I’m loving that Bug is talking up a storm lately, but I often wonder if I need to hire a translator for him. I love to hear his take on phrases and words, and sometimes have to make myself say the words the proper way instead of Bug’s way. I know he needs to hear the words said properly, but dang it – it’s just so darn cute. 

So while I realize this may only be of interest to me and Preacher Man, I present to you many of Bug’s current words and phrases, and their translations: 

– “Wake Wuk!” Wake Up. Usually used in the sentence, “I wake wup?” and followed by me saying, “No, Bug. You can’t wake wuk yet, it’s night night time.”

-“Peeek a steeeker!” I want to pick a sticker! At the moment, we use stickers as a reward for Bug not getting out of bed, but we may do a sticker chart when we begin potty training.

-“A fwend!” A friend! A friend is anyone approximately Bug’s age, whether stranger or not. As I’m typing this, I’m also watching the royal wedding, and as Bug saw the little bridesmaids getting into a car he said, “A fwend a hop in a car!” I had no idea he was friends with royalty…

-“Luff Youuuu” “I love you!” This is usually accompanied by the sign language version, although Bug has his own version of that, too. He rarely puts out his thumb, so it’s really more of a “hook ’em horns” or “rock on” sign.

-“One, fwee, five.” One, three, five. For some reason Bug has decided to count by odd numbers lately. Let’s just assume he’s a mathematical genius, shall we?

-“Pach-ent Pweeese!” Patience, please. When Bug gets demanding or whiny, I’ve always answered with a cheerful, “Patience, please!” After awhile, Bug began to repeat the phrase back to me, almost as if he’s affirming his own patience. The amazing thing is that he actually does practice patience after the affirmation.

“A ra-bar bagel!” A peanut butter bagel! Bug’s favorite breakfast is a whole wheat mini bagel with peanut butter, and he often asks for it first thing in the morning. In fact, after his boisterous demands of a ra-bar bagel I often have to ask for pach-ent pweeese.

-“Fooony Baby!” Funny baby! This phrase is exclaimed after Bear laughs, eats, crawls, or just exists. Bear apparently just cracks Bug up with his very existence.

-“Wake Wuk Baby! A see a side!” One of my favorite sounds in the world is the sound of Bug and Bear making each other laugh in the backseat as I’m driving. Bug loves to make loud, goofy sounds that make Bear giggle. As Bear giggles, Bug giggles more, causing Bear to giggle more, and the cycle continues. It’s pretty much the sweetest sound ever made. As we drive from the church to our house we pass a small water park, and Bug is endlessly fascinated by the slides. When we drove by yesterday, Bug sweetly vocalized his desire for Bear to wake up so he wouldn’t miss the slides with, “Wake up, baby! I see a slide!” Being the adoring little brother that he is, Bear promptly woke up to see the fascinating slides.

I know some day Bug will pronounce his words with clarity and being his translator will be deleted from my job description. Until then, I take a little bit of pride in knowing my sweet son so well that I’m able to decipher what he means to say when others are unable. So fwend, I hope as you wake wuk this morning, you enjoy your ra-bar bagel with pach-ent pweeese and know that I luuffff yoooou.


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