raising princes

I’m usually very content being a Mom of boys. After all, I’m more comfortable building forts and examining bugs than I am getting a pedicure and doing french braids. In fact, I really feel like being a Mom of boys has actually brought out my feminine side in that I appreciate the moments of girly pampering I can have.  I can’t lie though – when I woke up (at 7:00 am, along with all the other normal people) to watch the DVRed royal wedding – I kind of longed for a little girl to watch the wedding with. At one point I thought I had talked Bug into watching it with me while I excitedly pointed out the cars and motorcycles. However, when he realized there were no trains involved, he quickly lost interest.

Realizing that neither of my sons were going to sigh with me as we watched the nervous bridegroom and beautiful bride prepare to see each other on their wedding day, I took another approach. As we observed Princess Katherine begin her journey down the aisle, I told Bug with a gasp that he was watching the Princess. Bug looked a bit confused for a second and said, “Mommy?” as he pointed at the Princess. Because we both have dark, curly hair I think he thought I was the one in white. With my heart a little saddened I said, “No Bug, Mommy’s not the Princess.”

Maybe I was feeling a little delusional, or maybe I was just caught up in all the romantic grandeur. But when I looked at myself – in my pajama pants and t-shirt, smelling like spit up and diapers, with no make up, unwashed hair, and a cup of coffee in my hand – I decided that I was a princess. In a very imperfect way, I’m Preacher Man’s princess. And he and I have given birth to two little boys who will one day have princesses of their own.

As William and Kate gave each other their troths (did anyone else giggle at that part?), I explained to Bug what they were doing. They are pledging to love each other, I said. Even when they’re not being lovely. They’re promising to be faithful to each other, even when temptation is a daily occurence. He’s promising to protect and cherish her, even when she says she doesn’t need it, and she’s promising to respect and honor him, even when he’s not always honorable. I told Bug that they were promising this to God, to each other, and to all their family and friends, and that it was a promise to be taken very, very seriously and not ever broken.

Then I told Bug that God had a very special princess in mind for him, too. I told him that she was a princess because she was the daughter of the true King. I explained to him that one day he’d have the privilege of promising all those things to her, too, but that he could even be honoring, loving, cherishing, and faithful to her right now. We prayed a quick prayer for his future wife, and prayed that God would give Bug wisdom to love her now, and that He would show her even now how precious she is to God.

Overkill for a two year old? Probably. I don’t care, though. I want to instill in both my boys the idea that they can show their wives they love her before they even meet her. I pray they learn to honor her in the way they view women, the way they interact with their girlfriends, the way they pray, the things they watch, the things they say, how they spend their money, and even in the way they think. I know it’s a lofty goal, but I long to prepare my sons to love their sweet princesses well. Since I happen to be Preacher Man’s princess, I have quite the task ahead of me. I’m raising princes, after all.


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