Easter was a bittersweet holiday for us this year. We’ve spent the past several Easters with good friends of ours, and we found ourselves missing them and wishing their son and Bug could hunt eggs together. It was weird not knowing the church’s Easter “rhythm,” and I especially missed my particular Sunday School class this year. At the same time, we felt blessed with more family time this holiday than we usually get (Easter and Christmas are often a minister’s hardest work days) and were excited to have two little boys in our family with which to share our traditions this year!

We died Easter eggs for the first time since we’ve had kiddos! Bug was enthralled with the process – especially the naming the colors part.

The Saturday before Easter our church held two Easter egg hunts (and one on Sunday morning). We took the boys to the first one, and then Preacher Man was responsible for executing the second one. We were able to put our boys in childcare during the second hunt, and I helped Preacher Man. It always strikes me at those moments how much I really miss being Preacher Man’s helpmate in ministry.

Bug and Preacher Man walking to the 2-3 year old’s field:

Bug toeing the line, scoping out the egg picking prospects:

I carried Bear in a carrier and he was happy as could be to watch the action and kick his little legs. Thanks Grammy and Grampy for the cute little matching outfits!

His basket is poised and all ready to go. His Mama M. got him this basket last year for Easter, and even a year later he giggles when it pops out!

At one point, Preacher Man told him to pick up the blue eggs. Bug took that task very seriously and decided to only allow blue eggs in his basket. 

After church on Sunday we opened Easter baskets and spent some time with friends. It looks like Bug just peed on the floor, so I’ll need to cut this post short and address that. Why is Bug peeing on the floor, you ask? That, my friends will just have to wait!


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