a letter to bear

Sweet Boy,

Your infanthood seems to just be flying by – it feels like I blinked and you’re all of a sudden nine months old! I have to admit that you’re an insanely cute nine month old. You have a sweet, charming smile that pretty much never stops. There have been a few naps from which you’ve woken up super fussy. I can hear you crying from the doorway, but as soon as you hear the door open your head pops up and your face breaks out in a grin – making me wonder if I was hearing things.

You’re still doing your flop-scoot, and are occasionally rocking around on your knees. You’re an old pro at pulling up, and I think you’d happily cruise around our coffee table all day long if Daddy or I could be behind you to steady you. The biggest personality development I’ve seen is that you now get frustrated when you can’t get to something you want. I guess now that you’ve gotten a taste of being able to get where you want, you’re not content with settling for not having something. You’re also ridiculously excited about food right now and spend loads of time in your high chair, eating all manner of bagel, graham crackers, and cut up fruit. You eat table food more than many 1-year olds (and yet you’re still taking about 30 oz of formula a day) – you just love food!

Speaking of love, you remain enchanted by your big brother, and he remains sweetly playful with you. The fact that he sometimes hugs you by wrapping his chubby 2-year old arms around your entire face and squeezing only delights your heart. I feel like you’re making so many strides in pulling up and wanting to walk because you so desperately want to be able to keep up with him – and he’s a quick one. You guys love eating together (and Bug is very sweet about giving you his leftovers…hmph), love talking walks in the stroller together, and love playing trains together. You’re pretty much legit brothers now! (Not that you weren’t before…you know what I mean).

In your nine months of precious life, we’ve learned that you’re a pretty laid back boy who loves to be silly and make people smile. People often ask us, “Does he ever fuss?” and we count ourselves blessed to have such an easy-going sweetheart to love and cherish. And I hope you know we do exactly that. We love you and cherish you – not because you are easy-going, but just because you’re you. You’re a precious child of God made in His image (no matter how often you hear how much you look like Daddy – our prayer is that you look MORE like your heavenly Daddy), and we pray every single day to be wise stewards of your life. We revel in watching you grow and are incredibly excited to see what God is doing in you and through you. We love you with so much more than you’ll ever understand, sweet Bear.



P.S. I’m writing this letter at our kitchen table while you sit in your high chair and eat breakfast. When I finished, I looked up at you and smiled. You grinned, tilted your head to the side, and then took the graham cracker in your hand and squooshed it against your cheek. And now, moments later – you’re holding the same graham cracker in your hand and appear to be having a very serious conversation with it. Just in case you need a visual of just exactly how cute your nine month old self is.


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