on the homefront

Preacher Man: Is feelin’ some stress right now. I’m always secretly amazed at how well he handles work stress, though. When I’m stressed, the entire world knows about it and I stay stressed for weeks. In contrast, Preacher Man is happy to come home, chat with me a little about what’s on his mind, and then invest in our family the rest of the night. He rarely takes the stress out on me and doesn’t even seem tempted to seek solace in chocolate. Not that I do that or anything.

Jen: I’m good. For realz. I have one more week until Bug is finished with preschool for the summer, so I’m trying to finish up some sewing projects. My hope is to shift my focus from sewing this summer to marketing and networking, which can more easily be done with Bug and Bear underfoot. I’m running and am looking at doing a half marathon in January. My longest run so far has been 7 miles, but I won’t tell you how slow I was so you’ll remain super impressed. I’m also doing the 30 day shred (but I’m taking longer than 30 days since I only do it on days I don’t run), and lemme tell ya – it’s a butt kicker. I cussed at the TV and called Jillian Michaels all sorts of names in my head. I’m not proud of it, but I tend to get a little mouthy when I’m tired. Other than that, I’m doing really well.

Bug: Sweet Bug has actually had a big month so far. We’ve been slowly clipping down his pacis so that he has less and less of it, and it finally was down to just a little stub a few days ago. He was getting upset when I’d hand him his paci for naps/bed because he knew it wasn’t effective, so I decided to just go for the kill. Transitions aren’t usually easy for him, but I think after a few days I can finally say he’s officially paci-free. And don’t get all judge-y about the fact that he’s 2.5 years old with a paci. The poor kid did have a baby brother and then move across the country within a span of three months, so we thought we’d save the paci fight for a time when everything in his life wasn’t in upheaval.

I mentioned earlier that he’ll be finishing up his first experience with preschool next week. Preschool has been awesome for the kid, and I’m so excited to see how he does in the fall. I was waiting until school ended to begin potty training, so we’re in full on preparation mode right now. We have the potty out, potty books, potty sticker chart, potty DVDs, train underwear, and pull ups. We are ready. My goal has been to have Bug sit on his potty at least once a day until he’s finished with school (when we’ll kick it into high gear). I wanted him to get used to it, and hoped that maybe he’d eventually go. Well, my friends – Bug went pee-pee in the potty TUH-WICE yesterday! Well, sort of. The first time was as I was blogging, and he missed the potty and got it on the floor. The second time though – woo-hoo! Not only did he pee in the potty, but since I was in another room he came to me to tell me himself. I’m hoping this bodes well for our next few weeks.

As a complete aside, I’ve now officially said the phrase, “Tuck your bing bong down” waaaaay more times than any human being should.

Bear: If you can believe it, Bear is already pulling up and even cruising a little bit. He loves to hold onto our coffee table and take little mini-steps to the sides – sometimes even letting go and standing on his own for a second or two. He’s definitely done with my homemade baby purees and is onto eating anything he can shove in his mouth. I have yet to put anything on his plate that he refuses to eat. Taco meat? I’ll absolutely have some! Fruit Loops? Oh, heck yes! Pineapple? Delicious! Big brother’s leftover bagel? Why not? Hummus? Yummm-us!

Why do you keep reading this blog? Seriously, go back and read that previous sentence. Hummus? Yummm-us? When did I turn into this corny 50-something year old man?

Anyway. Bear has four of the cutest little teeth you’ve ever seen, and since he’s been waking up at night I think he may be due for more soon. His 9 month well check isn’t until June, but he’s definitely getting longer and is keeping those delicious fat rolls.

As you can see, lots of exciting stuff is going on in our house – what with the TV cussing, the bing bong tucking, and the hummus eating. That’s right. I know you want my life. Can’t say I blame you.


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