here’s my problem

I know, my problems are really too many for one blog post. For instance – why do I insist that Reese’s Pieces is a perfectly acceptable lunch? Why do I purposefully sing the wrong lyrics of songs just to drive Preacher Man crazy? Why does the show “Hogs Gone Wild” make me pee my pants in fear? Why do I even know that there IS a show called “Hogs Gone Wild?” And perhaps most puzzling – why do I admit all of these things on a public blog?

Since I’m not paying you therapy fees, I’ll just cut to chase. My problem is that every time I log on here to blog, I get caught up in catching up with other people’s blogs. I find that I’m several posts behind on reading about what is going on in other people’s lives – and of course what they have going on is infinitely more interesting than my tales of potty training and breastfeeding.

Because really – that’s about all that my life entails right now. I change diapers, I sew, I give cuddles, I discipline, and then rinse and repeat. There are only so many blog posts one can make about such a life. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.


One thought on “here’s my problem

  1. For those of us who desperately miss you, Bug, Bear, and Preacher Man, there can never be ENOUGH posts about teething, potty training, flop-scooting, disobedience, cuddles, or growing up. Nor can we get enough of the tales of running, sewing, mommying, and raising a God-honoring family. The mundane details are what make life real, even hundreds of miles away.

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