our last day before the end of the world

It’s one of those questions that people will be asking for decades to come. “What did you do in your last day before the world ended?” Did you empty your bank account? Did you tell your loved ones how much they meant to you? Did you spend all day at a theme park riding roller coasters?

I actually didn’t even know about all this end of the world hoopla until I logged onto Facebook this morning (Mommy-hood means I’m kind of living under a rock lately), but it got me wondering how I would spend my last day if I knew it were my last day. I know my children’s children’s children will undoubtedly ask, “Great Grandma, how did you spend your last day before the end of the world?” so it’s really only fair that I document it. Right?

Fridays are Preacher Man’s day off, so we laid low during the morning and enjoyed our coffee and french toast. I decided to start officially potty training Bug, so he spent a lot of time running around in this Thomas “umma-wear.” It seems only ideal that he should be potty trained before the rapture, after all. I went for an 8 mile run around 10:30, but had to stop at 7 miles. It was already 85 degrees and muggy, and I think I need to work on making sure I’m super hydrated the day before I run and probably take Gatorade with me on my runs. You know….when I’m running around the track in heaven.

Preacher Man was on boy-duty while I was gone and he had them down for naps by the time I got back. When they woke up, Preacher Man took Bug on what he called a Dad-venture to get Draino and a new coffee machine. On the off chance that the world didn’t end today, I wasn’t about to put up with a stopped up kitchen drain and a non-working coffee maker. They headed out right as a severe thunderstorm rolled through the area, so they apparently had a lot of fun running through the parking lots in the rain. I did some Serwa Chic computer work and got some precious tickle/giggle time with Bear.

Once they got back, we headed to dinner at our friends’ home with a few other staff families. The Camacho family is from Mexico and Jose Luis is on the Family Life Team with Preacher Man.  Jose Luis and Adrianna made us some of their favorite authentic Mexican food. As in – they worked all day making homemade corn tortillas authentic. We drank beans from a cup, ate cooked cactus, put homemade pork rinds on our tortillas, and gobbled down every single bite. Preacher Man and I have discovered a love for a Mexican drink called horchata, a sweet cinnamon rice milk, and Preacher Man could eat a spicy salsa that Adrianna makes by the gallon-full.

By the way, I’m really that red right now. The Texas sun is no joke, and I can’t seem to help but soak up lots of it when I run. Yes, I’m using sunblock and yes, it’s sweat-proof. Apparently the Native American heritage in me is bound and determined to just be red all summer.

We had a blast, but Bug was kind of weird the entire time. He’d had a great day and was even making me giggle while we drove there, but once we got to the Camacho’s home, he hid himself behind Preacher Man’s legs and started being whiny. There were tons of other kids there – some of his favorite friends in the world, actually – but he only wanted to be near us. Very weird…especially for our little social bug. Right when we were sitting down for dinner, Bug plopped himself on the living room couch and fell asleep. Preacher Man moved him to a chair in the living room, and he barely stirred. All the other kids were running around him – playing swords, shrieking, laughing, yelling – and still he slept. Bug rarely falls asleep in the car and never-ever-ever just falls asleep in a random place like that. We ate our dinner and checked on him every few minutes. During dessert I noticed he was starting to feel warm, so we headed home. He cried quite a bit and didn’t want water or graham crackers (his favorite food in the world) on the way home.

I kind of knew it was coming. My Mommy instinct told me this was more than just an over-tired Bug. Sure enough as we sat in the car while Preacher Man gassed up the car, I heard the telltale sound of a toddler getting ready to vomit. Putting on my Super-Mom cape, I ran around to his car seat and caught what I could. Yes, in my hands. Once he was finished, I cleaned him up and kissed his hot forehead. Preacher Man grabbed a plastic bag from the gas station in case we had any future issues, and we hightailed it home. Bug thankfully fell asleep off and on for the trip home, and despite many false alarms, we made it home without incident. We laid the boys down and hoped for the best.

Bug was up a few times last night – sometimes getting sick, sometimes wanting water, sometimes wanting to cuddle in our bed with us. He’s on a steady dose of ibuprofen to keep his fever down and we’re slowly giving him water and some bland food. As I type this, Preacher Man and Bug are cuddling on the couch, because really – if the world does end today, is there anything better than that? Probably not.


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