sickie bug update

Having a sick kiddo is the worst. First of all, your Mommy heart breaks to see your child acting so lethargic and sad. When your kids are young and unable to articulate what hurts (or maybe yours can. anytime i asked bug what hurt he answered, “nooooooo huuuuuuuuwt!” and buried his head in his blanket. alright then. sorry for trying to help), it’s also tough to feel like you know why they’re sick and spend a lot of time second guessing how you’re treating the illness. And then of course, there’s the selfish part of you who knows that once you’ve drained yourself staying up all night taking care of your sickies, you’re going to get whatever illness through which you’ve watched your kids suffer yourself.

Sometimes I think the anticipation is worse than the actual sickness. But then I remember how awful being sick feels, and I realize that’s a ridiculous statement. Nonetheless, the anticipation IS a killer. With every meal I eat and every cup of coffee I drink, I think Is this really what I want for my last pre-sick meal? Will this hurt when I’m vomiting it up in four hours?  I know, I’m all sorts of cheery today.

The good news is that Bug is definitely on the upswing. He’s on a steady dose of ibuprofen, but his fever is definitely going down. It got as high as 103.8 yesterday and he felt warm enough to cook an egg on. He’s not vomited in 24 hours and is eating mostly normally. He had developed a subtle rash yesterday, which had me ready to take him into the ER. I decided to wait until today to make a call, and the rash is almost gone. And his mood? Well – at this moment, he’s bouncing around our living room saying, “Hip-ily, Hop-ily! Hip-ily, Hop-ily! (Hippity, Hoppity, of course)” He also tried to jump from the couch onto Bear, so….

I think he’ll be alright.

Now we just wait to see if Bear, Preacher Man, or I get it and pray that if we do it’s a significantly less severe case. Preacher Man will be out of town for a bit, so I’m not eager to experience Bug’s virus with no help for the boys. So we wait. And eat really bland food in the meantime.

*This photo was actually taken about six weeks ago, but that’s pretty much the exact face I’ve seen for the past couple of days.


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