potty post

We’ve been potty training for a little over a week now, and I say with much surprise that it’s going stunningly well. Of course, I realize that by blogging about it, Bug will instantly regress and cause me to write an entire post about how I shouldn’t blog about progress until I”m 100% confident. And yet, I will risk being jinxed by the blog fairies and tell you that our little 2.5 year old is well on his way to being potty trained. He still wears diapers at naptime and bedtime, although he often wakes up from his naps with a dry diaper. I think the thing that’s most helped me not get frustrated at the process was reading to expect accidents until the child is five years old. Accordingly, I’ve packed an extra pair of pants and a pull up pretty much everywhere (the stroller, the diaper bag, my purse, the car), and will probably keep a spare set of underwear and pants on hand for quite awhile. Expecting accidents helps me be patient when they do occur, and having a Plan B helps me to not have to cut short what we’re doing and head home. However, Bug IS doing awesome about “holding it” until we can get to a potty, and we have had a good amount of successful “poo-poo”s in the potty.

The phrase, “Let’s go say bye-bye to your poo-poo!” is not something I thought I’d say. Along with, “The sticker doesn’t go on your bing bong, Bug – it goes on your sticker chart.” Yes my friends, this is how I’m currently using my college education.

He’s had very few accidents and is learning about the entire sha-bang eagerly. Since he’s only pottied on our little toddler potty at home (he’s always kept his pull-ups dry when we go out), my plan this week is to get him used to using the  adult potty and help him understand how to take care of his bizz-ness himself. I just have to tell you that I was very tempted to make a pun on the phrase, “bizz-ness” I just used and say “whizz-ness” instead. Remind me again why you choose to read this blog?! Bizz-ness isn’t even a word.

The most rewarding aspect of potty training has actually not been the promise of less cloth diaper laundry or no longer buying disposables for Sunday School. The most exciting part is not when I consider the extra space Bug will have in his room without a changing table, or the time I’ll save in not having to change one child’s diaper or the other every hour. And even though it does warm my heart, my favorite part of potty training is not when Bug tells me he’s going to keep his “twain umma-wear” (train underwear) nice and dry. My absolute favorite part of potty training is the look Bug gives me when he’s gone potty. His little blue eyes are big with pride, and he can’t wait to tell me so I’ll be proud of him.  We’ve not had to use any “bribes” beyond a sticker because it seems like our reactions of joy and excitement are reward enough for him. Even though Bug can be one of the most stubborn kids I’ve ever met, my Mommy heart melts when I see how much he longs to please us and make us proud of him. Little does he know that while I am happy about his pottying progress, it doesn’t take a thing more than Bug being who God created him to be for me to be proud of him.

Still – if me wildly clapping my hands and doing a potty dance (that may or may not include a little move  called The Sprinkler) is what it takes to get my boy potty trained, then by no means will I be stopping anytime soon. Don’t be surprised if you come over and I break out into a dance when 13-year old Bug goes potty. Just a Mom trying to show her kid she’s proud of him – and maybe show off some sweet dance moves in the process.



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