because i don’t have enough lists in my life

I’m so OCD. Nothing makes me happier than to cross something off of a list, and as a SAHM and small business owner, it’s pretty much the only way I’m able to have any semblance of balance or organization in my life. So to celebrate the end of spring and beginning of summer (which has been heralded by a string of 92-97 degree weather for the foreseeable future), I naturally decided to make a list of goals for the summer. I mean, I sure know how to party it up, huh? There’s nothing worse than realizing an entire summer has passed by and you have nothing to show for it. Along with an unnatural affinity for lists, I also thrive on accountability, so hopefully me sharing my summer goal list with you won’t be entirely too boring. Allow me to present to you my Summ-ah Goals (all of which allow plenty of room for flexibility):

1. Finish Beth Moore study

*I’ve been doing this study with two other women from the church for a few hours a week while our older kids were in preschool. We’ve fallen off the bandwagon since preschool has ended, but I’d really like to see it through myself.

2. Wake up early 2-3 days/week to study and pray.

*I miss this, I need it, and have been sadly neglecting one on one time with my Creator and Abba. I like the idea of waking up before the kids and reading on our back deck now that the days are longer, but depending on Preacher Man’s work out schedule I may need to plan on doing this at nap time or bed time instead.

3. Teach Bug all of his letter sounds and begin teaching phonics.

* My original summer goals for him were to wean him from the pacifier and potty train him, but those goals are mostly already accomplished. He knows most of his letter sounds, but I’d like to make sure he knows them all and begin teaching him how to sound out words. I’d also like to teach him how to count from 1-20. Most of the time he can do 1-13 with a fair amount of accuracy, so it’ll probably just take some focused teaching to improve this.

4. Teach Bear to walk

*I guess this should be “help Bear learn to walk,” since I know every kiddo walks on their own timetable. I just felt badly that none of my goals included him and felt like I wanted to be conscious of working towards something with him.

5. Lose 30 lbs.

*Losing 30 more lbs this summer will put me at my goal weight by fall, which would be awesome. I’ll start official training for a half-marathon in the fall and would really like to not worry about losing weight when I’m training.

6. Save X-amount towards a house down payment.

*Of course, I have an actual amount in mind, but it seems rude to post that. It’s a goal that’s attainable with a lot of self-discipline and will help us be on our way to being able to put down 4-5% when we’re looking for a house at the beginning of next spring.

7. Get Serwa Chic products stocked in a local store.

*Yeah, this one scares me. I’ve made a list of several local baby and/or cloth diaper stores, but have procrastinated contacting them for fear of…well…failing, I guess.

8. Sew 20-40 more Perfect Fit AIOs to stock.

*I used Bug’s time at preschool to sew off my hiney so I could focus on other aspects of the business throughout the summer. I’m loving not having to worry about sewing, but would still like to re-stock some of my Perfect Fit diapers by the end of the summer. I can likely take my time and sew occasionally during nap times or after bed times.

So there you have it – my eight official Summ-ah Goals. I have other goals in the back of my mind – like making sure I get the boys out of the house at least once a day, teaching Bear to say and/or sign a few more words, allowing Preacher Man regularly scheduled time to work out, and getting 1,000 fans on the Serwa Chic Facebook page, but the eight goals I’ve listed are the ones on which I want to focus my attention for the next few months.

I recognize this probably isn’t my most fascinating post to date, but I’ll check in once a month or so to let you know how I’m doing. Accountability and all that. So how about you? Do you try to define summer goals, or do you like the freedom of experiencing each day as it comes? If you have goals, what are they? I’d love to help keep YOU accountable, just as sharing these with you helps keep me accountable!


5 thoughts on “because i don’t have enough lists in my life

  1. I love that you make lists. And man, you are motivated. Losing 30lbs? I feel like a beached whale over here listening to how healthy you are. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You are definitely NOT a beached whale, or anything close. Keep in mind that I gained 70 lbs with Bug and had only lost about 40 of that when I got pregnant with Bear. So…I have puh-lenty to lose. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey Jen! Not that you need another thing to add to your list, but I just read “Reshaping it All” by Candace Cameron Bure. It’s actually pretty decent and I was really encouraged by the level of spirituality that was in there.

    Anyway, it might be helpful with task #5 and generally good for looking at some scriptures in a different light. I got the Kindle version for $7 on amazon.

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