It seems like I have so much to update about, but I want to dive right into the most important thing. We took Bear to the pediatrician for his 9 month well check this week, and he weighed in at a whopping 15 lbs. That means he hasn’t gained any weight since about a month ago. His height is in the 10th %, but his weight is even further off the charts than it’s been.


He’s taking more than enough formula per day and is a little piggy about eating table food. He’s developing perfectly on target, he’s sleeping fine, and his demeanor is pleasant. But he doesn’t appear to be gaining weight.

The pediatrician told us to switch from lactose free formula to soy formula on the off chance that his body was digesting it weird. He also referred us to a GI specialist (appointment is on Wednesday if you happen to be in the prayin’ mood that day), and since a finger prick showed that he was borderline anemic, recommended we started giving him Poly Vy Sol vitamins with iron. Those drops have a nasty smell that – judging by the face Bear makes when he takes it – is only rivaled by the nasty taste. I’m just waiting for the day when it causes him to refuse medicine altogether.

My mind hasn’t stopped swirling since the Doctor showed me Bear’s weight curve. I’m really worried about Bear and am heartbroken that I didn’t see it. At the same time, I can’t get over the fact that nothing else seems wrong. Maybe he weighed less because he was weighed at the end of his feeding cycle, the scale was off, or any one of a hundred other reasons? I tried telling the Doctor that we went through something very, very similar with Bug and that he’s still not on the growth chart but is developing just fine, and perhaps we just have small kids who level out around 6-9 months – but he didn’t seem to want to hear about Bug and brushed me off. I’ll be honest – this is a sucky part about moving. The fact that our pediatrician only has a 6 month history with our kids and our family is sometimes a distinct disadvantage.

And then there’s the fact that I stopped breastfeeding under the assumption that my milk didn’t have enough calories. It looks like Bear is having a tough time putting weight on even with formula. A simple calorie test of my breastmilk would have shown us that it most likely wasn’t the issue (a test I only know about because of you, dear blog readers). I’m trying to not focus on that aspect of this entire thing, but I’m feeling a little bit frustrated. A lot frustrated.

So we’ll go to the GI specialist on Wednesday. I’m interested to see what they say and have been praying for wisdom and answers. I have so much more to blog about, but Bug is demanding I read him a book about dinosaurs (and far be it for me to deny the boy some quality book-reading time) – so it’ll have to wait!


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