a letter to Bear

Dearest Bear,

Well, kiddo – ten months have passed since we first held your sweet black and blue face. Daddy and I have been honored to discover your tender-hearted and hilarious personality, and we’ve loved seeing you relish in the world around you. You have a smile that is a mile wide and a giggle that’s downright infectious.

This has been a big month for you developmentally, as you’re inching ever closer to walking. You’re all about pulling up and cruising around right now, and I can see that you’re working so hard to walk like your big brother. You’re still not able to stand by yourself for longer than a second or two, but that doesn’t stop you from trying your best to get those little feet a-moving! You’re still flop-scooting and don’t seem to be in any big rush to change your method. We don’t mind though, it’s pretty stinkin’ cute.

In true Bear fashion, you continue to love table food and are adventurous enough to try anything we put on your plate. You especially enjoyed the onion we gave you the other day – just like your cousin Emily ate when she was a baby! Your favorites are anything with peanut butter on it, grapes, and graham crackers. Regardless of what it is, you eat whatever we put on your tray with vigor. 🙂

What I love about this stage with you is that you’re definitely recognizing Daddy and I, and you love to give me cuddles and sloppy kisses. It’s fun to play games with you – not only to see your sense of humor, but also to have those precious little giggles and smiles from you. I love watching you see new things for the first time, and I love (absolutely LOVE) how joyful your little heart is. I’m also really loving that you’re a pretty consistent sleeper now!

My not-so-favorite things about this stage of yours are that you’re in a weird phase of wanting so much to be independent, but not being physically able to be. You would spend all day cruising around the coffee table, but as it happens – I’m not able to steady you all day long. A Mama needs some bathroom breaks every once in awhile, you know. You’ve also learned to scrunch your face up and screech in frustration. I’d be okay if that face is just a phase. Just so you’re aware.

You and Bug continue to grow as best friends, though he’s not a fan of you getting bigger and wanting to play with his toys. Don’t worry – he’ll get used to it. You guys make each other giggle and you’re so great at imitating him! When you’re asleep and Bug is awake, he makes sure to let me know that he misses you and wants you to “wake wuk.” In fact, I have to watch him or he’ll run into your room screeching, “WAKE WUK, BABY! PLAY!” I know, I’m sorry. You two only continue to play together better and love each other more as each day passes, and I’m so excited to see that bond continue to form.

As the Texas summer heats up, our little family has done quite a bit of swimming in the past few weeks. It’s evident that your big brother and Mommy are both little fishies and love the water. You and your Daddy…notsomuch. You seem to tolerate the swimming only because it makes Bug so happy, but you look around at everybody splashing and playing as if it’s such a bother to you. Still – you are downright adorable in your little swim trunks and rash guard, love.

It amazes me that you’ll be turning one in just two short months, kiddo. I can’t believe how quickly you’re growing up!  You have such a joyful, tender spirit that I know God’s given you for His purposes. I pray daily to have the wisdom, strength, and patience to be a good steward of your sweet life, and to show you how patiently and unconditionally He loves you. Your life is so precious Bear, and you are a bigger blessing to our lives than you’ll ever know. We love you, we cherish you, and we treasure you.


Mommy & Daddy (and Bug)


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