bear update

I took Bear to the GI Specialist today, and the answer is that there really isn’t an answer (yet…). She ordered a round of testing to be done to check for things like celiac disease, and asked me to track his calories for the next three days to see if he’s really eating enough. Apparently kids his age are supposed to be eating 1,000 calories a day. That’s a mere 200 calories less than I’m supposed to eat on a daily basis. Does it seem thoroughly unfair to anyone else that I’m allowed just about the same amount of calories as my ten month old? Hmph.

He cried, but otherwise did really well when the nurse was filling up two vials of his blood that seemed to be a big as his arms. I was holding Bear in my lap (and pinning his legs and arms down), and was only really affected when I saw that his hand and arms were turning white. The sweet boy has been pretty worn out – it’s been a rough week for the kiddo.

I’ll start tracking his calories tomorrow, and will be sure to update again when we get the test results back.

In other news, I feel it’s my duty to inform you that I’m Super Mom. Not only did I keep Bear amused and calmed while the doctor was checking him out, I also managed to keep calm myself when the nurse was sticking a giant needle into my son’s arm. And during all of this, I likewise managed to make sure that Bug was behaving, distracted, and quietly busy. No fits were thrown, and I heard several exclamations of, “What cute kids!” “They’re so well behaved,” and “They look like they’re best friends.”

I hope it makes up for the gym yesterday when Bug yelled at the top of his lungs as we were leaving every. single. step. of the way. My text to Preacher Man read, “gym=miserable failure. No work out, huge embarrassment, and cranky kid. Awesome.” Even Super Moms have an off day, after all.


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