bear update

Bear went from 16 lbs 8 oz at our last GI appointment to 17 lbs 4 oz yesterday! He went from the 3rd percentile to the 6th, which is awesome news. As it turns out, the message left on my voicemail from the nurse was a mistake, and it’s Bear’s inflammatory marker and not his insulin that is extremely high. He had a cold at the time of the blood draw, so it’s possible (and likely) that is the reason for the inflammation in his body, although it could also be due to an unknown condition that might be causing him to burn more calories than usual. Our doctor would like to test his inflammatory marker again in about week, just to be sure. We need to wait a week because Bear’s caught a touch of the respiratory infection from Preacher Man and Bug. He thankfully only has some coughing and a runny nose, but we don’t want another illness to skew the results.

I’m so grateful his insulin levels are fine. I’m still keeping myself away from googling about elevated inflammatory makers in babies, but I think you’ll agree that it just sounds much less scary than elevated insulin levels. Hopefully we’ll find out soon that Bear is absolutely fine and just needs more calories. We’ll continue thickening his milk until we’re told to stop, and we’ll continue loving the mess out of him while we’re at it.


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