on the homefront

Preacher Man: Lots of really cool things are going on with the student ministry right now, so Preacher Man’s been just a tad busy. The church has been building a dedicated student ministry and missions building across the street from the main campus’ church, and it’s grand opening is set for this Sunday. It’s a really amazing building, and we’ve been praying that many lives will be changed within its walls. Selfishly, one of the more exciting features is that Preacher Man will be moving from working in a small cubicle to having his very own office! I know he really appreciated the cubicle atmosphere in the sense that he was able to dive in and connect with co-workers in a way he wouldn’t have had he been in an office, and as a new staffer it was nice to be able to so easily ask questions and get feedback. Nonetheless, he’s excited about having his own space, and I expect that his productivity will increase as distractions decrease.

In calendar news, the Jr. High four day VBS is coming up soon, so Preacher Man is working hard at programming and volunteer recruiting. Childcare is thankfully provided for children of volunteer, so I’m eager to not only help, but to dedicate time to getting to know the students a little better.

Jen: Since being diagnosed with PMDD and taking medicine for it, I’ve noticed a big difference in myself. I don’t carry around the weight of anxiety any longer, and I’m not struggling with feeling overwhelmed each day. I’m finding myself to be much less irrationally emotional and much more rationally logical in the way I view every day situations. In summary, I guess you could say that I feel more peaceful. My doctor told me that I could choose to take the meds for two weeks out of the month, or I could choose to take it every day. He mentioned that most women find taking it every day to be easier to remember, and also said that many women who have  PMDD have underlying depression and anxiety and find the medicine to be helpful the rest of the month, too. I’m still experimenting with how I feel and with what kind of the difference it really makes in my daily life, but I’m leaning towards taking it mostly every day.

Bug: In regards to Bug, I’ve been hearing a lot of people telling me, “Shew, he just does not stop, does he? He’s all boy!” He’s doing great, but seems to only be growing in his level of energy as he gets older. Bug is talking more and more, and I’m just delighting in hearing his thoughts and processing. The toy fights with his brother have begun, so teaching him how to share is a huge theme in our house right now. He must not be too upset at his newly mobile brother though, since one of his favorite things to tell me is, “Mommy, Co-Co Bear so, so, so, so kwoot (cute)!!!!”

Bear: I’m still waiting on Bear to get over a cold before we get more blood drawn, but he’s doing great otherwise. He’s able to hold onto my hands and walk, and has started pushing his brother’s wagon in front of him as he takes steps. He now officially has six teeth, though I felt some sharpness in his gums this morning, so there may be another one or two on the way.

Speaking of the boys, Bug is about the bounce Bear right straight out of his Johnny Jump Up, so I’m thinking I should probably do something about that. Here’s hoping your day is a great one!


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