mr. independent

Preacher Man and I were tag teaming the kids last Friday, so he came home from work at nap time and I headed to the gym. I told him Bug was playing quietly, and that I thought he could go ahead and get a shower. If Bug was still playing when he got out of the shower, Preacher Man could lay him back in bed. If not, he obviously fell asleep on his own – which is great!

Preacher Man got his shower, and when he finished he took some time to do some work and relax since both boys were napping peacefully. After about an hour and a half, Preacher Man heard the door from the house to the garage opening, and assumed I’d come home early from my work out. He was more than a little shocked to see instead that our two year old son was walking into our house…from outside.

“What the…? Where were you?” he questioned.

Bug answered, “I pway. Outside.”

“You were playing? Outside??” Preacher Man asked…with a slight tone of disbelief and panic in his voice.

Bug put his hands in the pockets of his cargo shorts and his eyes got big – as if to signal that he didn’t really understand why his Daddy was acting like he’d done something wrong. “I ride my red bike,” he told Preacher Man, who promptly asked, “Where is your red bike?”

Bug looked at the ground and replied sadly, “I lost my red bike. Way, way far away.” Preacher Man’s heart sunk as he thought about where exactly Bug might’ve been driving his ride bike that he’d lose it “way, way far away,” and he quickly went outside to see if he could find it.

He couldn’t help but smile as he stepped outside and immediately saw Bug’s red tricycle two driveways down. When Bug and I play with his bike, that’s as far as I let him go. So in the mind of a two year old, that is pretty stinkin’ far away. Of course, Preacher Man gave Bug a very firm talking to about going outside by himself, which I’ve been reinforcing every chance I get.

Secretly though, we’re kind of proud of him. The boy opened his door, walked through the house, and out to the garage. Once in the garage, he set his mind to playing with his red bike, which he wheeled to the sidewalk (apparently along with our double stroller). He then drove his bike on the sidewalk for an hour and a half, when he promptly decided he was tired and came inside. I mean technically, we’d never made a rule about not being allowed to go outside and play by himself, so the only rule he knowingly broke was leaving his room during nap time.

As a direct result of this incident, we now have two new rules in our house – 1)Bug is not allowed outside without Mommy, Daddy, or a babysitter. 2)All doors must remain closed and locked when the boys are not being directly supervised, and especially during nap and bed times.

That boy. That sweet, sweet (daring, mischievous, stubborn) boy. I swear, I’ll be lucky to make it his 5th birthday without gray hair and a heart attack!


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