on the homefront

Preacher Man: Jr. High VBS is kicking off tonight, so Preacher Man has quite a bit on his mind and his plate. He’s mostly moved into the new student ministry center – thank goodness! We’ve learned about ministry that it always has its busy seasons, and then it has its relaxing less busy seasons. There’s no doubt about which season we’re going through right now, but I’m excited about the things he has planned for VBS and can’t wait to see his ideas executed!

Jen: I’ve just gotten over a case of strep throat, so I’m earnestly praying that no one else in the family experiences it. I was kind of a pathetic sight for a couple of days, since it was one of those rare cases of strep that also presents with vomiting, body aches, and a high fever. You know, cause tearing up when you swallow just isn’t enough. Antibiotics are just about the best thing in the world though, so I’m back to healthy and ready to go! Even though the next few days will be a chaotic for us, I’m really looking forward to being a part of Preacher Man’s event. I’m grateful that childcare is provided for volunteers, and I’m eager to be a help-mate in ministry again.

Bug: Overall, Bug and Bear seem to be getting along a little bit better, but I still have to keep a very close eye on Bug and his tendency to get frustrated and not share. He informed me yesterday that Bear’s name is, “Co-Co BearMonkey,” and he likes to call him Monkey for short. I really have no idea where he got this, but it’s really cute to watch him hand Bear a toy and say, “Here, Monkey!” He also informed me that his Crocs with the Steelers logo on it are his “Runner Power” shoes, and he insists on showing me just how fast his runner power is when he wears them. Which is ironic, since a good running game isn’t really the Steelers’ thing. That’s right. I just went there.

Bear: Geez, is he really going to be 1 soon? He’s still working on walking, although he seems to be more trepidatious than Bug was. We gave him an early birthday present of a little push-along walker, so he’s learning! He’s also learned the sign for, “milk,” and we’re working on “all done” and “more.” Bear loves his big brother with every fiber of his being – he actually laughed so hard at Bug this morning that he gave himself hiccups!

In family news, we’re really looking forward to an upcoming vacation we’re taking with Preacher Man’s family soon! We haven’t been on a vacation since our honeymoon, so some quality time with loved ones is the perfect way to end our weeks of crazy!


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