adventures in flying

After a crazy week of VBS and staying up until midnight the night before, Shawn and I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to get dressed, grab some coffee, and pack up our last minute things. We woke the boys up at 4:40 am, and started off on our airport adventure. We fed the boys their milk and peanut butter bagels on the way to the airport, and they were both pretty wide awake and excited by the time we got to security. Managing to make it through security with no problems, we then began our nervous wait to see if our names were called. Yes, we woke our kids up before the crack of dawn in order to fly them standby. We found out the night before that the flight we’d hoped to make was pretty full. We scrambled to alter our plans, and ended up taking an early flight to Jacksonville, FL (instead of Savannah, GA), where we rented a car to drive the 2.5 hours to Hilton Head.


With the help of iPhones, plane watching, and several walks through the terminals, the boys didn’t seem to mind the waiting at all and we were excited when our names were called and we were issued tickets…AND seats all in a row! 

I wasn’t drunk…just tired. This photo was taken right before the flight attendant informed us that I couldn’t have Bear strapped to me like that. That piece of information put a serious cramp in my plans to get Bear to nap on the flight, but we made it work.

Bug was insanely fascinated with the planes outside the window, and we walked from terminal to terminal checking out the different planes. He also amused waiting passengers with his plane impression and general cuteness. So somehow Bug got the impression during take off that the button used to recline the seat was actually in control of making the plane fly higher (or lower during descension). I’m not sure how he got that impression, but I can definitely say that it wasn’t his mother making up a lie in order to keep her toddler son quiet and content.

Shawn and I played a fun game of “Pass the Bear” as we each tried to get him to take a nap. As he gets older, he’s become decidedly more distracted during nap time – making for quite the long plane ride. I think I did eventually get him to take a 20 min nap though, which was enough to get him through until he konked out on the drive to South Carolina. In fact, both boys slept peacefully during our 2 hour drive – giving them plenty of energy for the fun days ahead, and giving Mommy and Daddy a chance to chat and unwind.

And so, our vacation adventure had begun!


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