soul food & ice cream

Two of our “must-do”s for our day trip to Savannah included having lunch at the famed Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House, and dessert at the also famed Leopold’s Ice Cream. I could try to describe the experience of Mrs. Wilkes’, but I think the blurb on their website explains it best:

A line gathers each morning at 107 West Jones Street. At 11 o’clock, the doors of 107 open and the lunch crowd finds seats at one of the large tables-for-ten shared by strangers. Tabletops are crowded with platters of friend chicken and cornbread dressing, sweet potato souffle, black-eyed peas, okra gumbo, corn muffins, and biscuits. The menu changes daily so regulars can have something different every day. Stop by and enjoy the special pleasure of a meal shared with neighbors and strangers.

Um, yeah. We waited in line for probably 1.5-2 hrs. for what was – without a doubt – the most delicious food I have ever eaten. Our caravan of adults and kids took up an entire ten top table ourselves, and the space was overflowing with a ridiculous amount of food. We each ate enough to feed a small army (and this chick may or may have gone back for thirds seconds), and yet we still barely made a dent in the plethora of food before us. Dee. Lish. Us.

Bug and I amused ourselves by playing in the dirt and drawing funny faces with sticks. That’s right. I’m a Mom of boys.


We also helped pass the time by annoying everyone else in line with our obnoxious, touristy photo opportunities:

[Jen and Cousin K. I haven’t seen her since she was a little tiny thing, and she kind of snuggled her way right into my heart this week and made me want to have a little girl]

When all other options were exhausted, out came the iPhones and peaceful silence was enjoyed by all:

We were so excited to finally get seated at our table, and so ready to chow down on some yummy food! 
I recognize that staring at a photo of half-eaten food (yes, this was AFTER we’d eaten!) might not be how you’d choose to spend your time, but I just feel like you need to see how insane this meal was:

That’s right. Three photos of our food that day. It really was THAT good. The bowl of Cheerios was not part of our meal. 

This is Bear, saying, “puh-raise Jesus! that was good food!”

We did some shopping to let our food settle a little, then we did what any normal vacationing adult would do in the situation. Stuff our bellies with some ice cream! I happen to have an inordinate amount of experience in the ice cream tasting department, so I can say with confidence that this was probably the best ice cream you’ll ever eat. I had a scoop of peanut butter ice cream and a scoop of mocha coffee ice cream in a waffle cone (why has nobody capitalized on the peanut butter/coffee combo?! i would totally drink peanut butter coffee!), and it was insanely good. Sweet Bug fell asleep in the car and remained asleep safe in his Daddy’s arms, so he completely missed the Leopold’s experience: 

Bear however, was wide awake! He’s still too young for ice cream though, so his consolation prize was to chew on my plastic spoon. I know, I’m so giving. 

I also managed to find a super cute dress as my Savannah souvenir, and Bug snagged some fun pirate paraphernalia (the legal kind). We had so much fun visiting such a beautiful city with such a rich history!

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