through the eyes of an iphone

Because I was making a concerted effort to take photos with our camera while on vacation (I’ve been a real photo taking slacker lately), I didn’t have many photos from my phone. Thankfully Shawn took a plethora with his iPhone, so enjoy!

And if you’re sick of looking at our vacation photos, you might want to skip checking the ‘ole blog for a few days. Hey, at least I’m not showing you slides of our vacay in our living room, alright?

Streets of Savannah, GA:

Why yes, that does indeed say, “Jen Library.” 

I let Bug play with my phone for a few minutes in the car, and he fell asleep. Not after texting one of my small groups this message, though:

“Ai , ?? mm! N?!”C”I can’t be sure, but in toddler language I believe that means, “My Mommy misses you a whole lot and talks about and prays for you all the time.” 

So when he saw those letters, he knew that it was his name. I was pretty impressed.

[waiting in line at Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House]

I’m not entirely sure what Uncle J. (in the read hat) is doing here, but it looks like Cousin N. is thrilled about it. I really only included this photo because it’s literally the only photo evidence I have that Uncle J. did indeed join us on this trip. 

And this, folks – is what we like to call Amusing Your Kids In Line By Taking Tons Of Photos. Subtitled: Makes Me Want To Reach Through The Camera And Nibble On Some Cheeks.



Sweet Bug taking a break from outlet shopping to enjoy a good cartoon at the Gymboree store

We took one morning to enjoy the Sandbox (Hilton Head’s Children Museum). The kids LOVED being able to run around and played until their little heart’s content:
Bug and Cousin K.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Bear is going to end up looking quite a bit like Cousin K. when he gets older. If that’s the case, I think you’ll agree that we’re in for quite the adorable future. 

And just so you know, I haven’t edited any of these iPhone photos – I think the retro looking ones were taken with an app on Shawn’s phone that I’m not cool enough to understand. I know you’re on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what awe inspiring vacation photos are coming up next. Lest I disappoint an anxiously awaiting audience, I have puh-lenty more to share with you!

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