the sandbox (part one)

When we discovered that Hilton Head had a Children’s Museum, we were all about getting out some energy and letting the kids enjoy some free play. I was a little skeptical of the small building as we parked outside the museum, but was astonished at how well they packed so much into the space and organized everything so well.

One of the boys’ favorite spots was the pirate ship. Bug is all about the pirates lately, and loves to giggle when I say, “Arrrgh, matey! Walk the plank ye land lubber!” Yep, that’s how I spend my day.

I have to confess that I can’t help the baby talk when I see this little face. Ooooh, the little smoochie oochie with his sweetle beetle wittle cheeks that I just have to kiss!

You read that right. I just typed out how I baby talk to my Bear. Try not to be jealous.

And this one. Oh my, this one. God wouldn’t have given me two boys with just kissable cheeks that are just perfect to nibble on if He didn’t want me to smother them with kisses and take little bites of them at least sixteen times a day. Of this, I’m certain. 

Sweet Cousin K. playing in the sand…this version of playing in the sand was much less messy than the beach version the kids also enjoyed. 

The first little play area the kids used was a house that they could pretend to build. Bug loves to hammer, so you can be sure we’ll be signing him up to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity in the future!

I know you may find this hard to believe, but I do indeed have even MORE photos of the children’s museum. What’s that? You need to see more of Bear’s kissy-able cheeks? And you’d like to see Bug dressed up like a pilot?! Well, far be it for me to let you down!


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