beachin’ it up

Is it weird for me to say how much I love Bug’s belly button? According to his pediatrician, he has a “herniated belly button,” which should go away before he’s a year old. Yeah, he’s almost three and that adorable little button is still all cute and herniated. My Mom’s told me mine was like when I was young, too – and the doctor told her to tape a quarter over it to make the belly go back in. She’s just as stubborn as I am and didn’t do any sort of taping anything over my belly. I know you’re dying of curiosity…I now have an innie.

Anyway. So Bug’s belly button is really stinkin’ adorable. 

Then there’s this little guy with the weird flippy hair who tries to eat sand. 

In case you’re wondering which photo is my absolute favorite of the entire lot, this would be it. That face, those eyes, those cheeks…perfection. 

Cousin K. and Bug playing in the sand. Bug was in heaven – what with all the digging and dirt and whatnot:

“What? Did you just say there are more vacation photos? Don’t you think this is just a little bit of overkill?” 


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