an after dinner walk

There’s nothing better than following a fun day at the beach with a leisurely family walk! The kids (minus Baby E.) had a special kids’ table complete with super cool plates and chicken nuggets! Those plates are so fun and the little ears are perfect for holding all manner of grapes, goldfish crackers, or – in this case – ketchup:

After the kids were fed, we took a walk! The umbrella stroller was a very popular commodity during this particular walk, so the kids took turns riding and Cousin N. so thoughtfully pushed Bug for a little while. Why yes, that is indeed a travel Mee-Hee. One can never be too prepared when it comes to Mee-Hee. 

Our boys are so blessed to have such incredible grandparents. Even as I’m typing this, Bug is looking at this photo and telling me that he misses Mama and Papa. Me too, buddy: 

Our little family: 

Shawn, Mama, Papa, Cousin N., and Cousin K. Cutie Patooties  – the whole lot of ’em! 


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