happy birfday a for yoooou!

On August 12th, Bug woke up around 7:30. I heard Bear waking up as I was grabbing milk and breakfast for the boys, and excitedly told Bug that today was Bear’s 1st birthday! Bug gasped and ran into Bear’s room, where he was standing in his crib and grinning. And then beginning what was probably my favorite memory of the day, Bug started singing, “A happy birfday a for yooooou! A happy birfday a for yoooou! A happy birfday (the word “birthday” was sung with quite a bit of gusto) for Co-Co Bear!

I kept waiting for Bug to finish the song, but he apparently decided that was where it ended. It didn’t seem to matter to Bear, who squealed with delight.

Shawn and I talked a lot about what to do for Bear’s 1st birthday. We debated whether to risk an outside party in the middle of August, or if we should have a party at the church, at the Little Gym, or any number of other venues. In the end, we voted for quality family time. We decided that rather than spend time cleaning the house, making a cake, preparing for a party…and then spending most of the party entertaining guests rather than enjoying Bear…we’d rather dedicate a day to focus on our precious one year old.

After morning naps, lunch, and quality snuggle time, we hit the road for the Fort Worth Stock Yards. Not before doing our part to “Cowboy Up” in preparation for the day ahead, though. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em:

I love that they’re making each other laugh:

Even the cutest of ‘lil cowboys gets hat hair every now and again:

My personal favorite gift to Bear was the gift of turning his car seat around. I know, I know. Many people are adamant about keeping kiddos rear facing until they hit the car seat weight limit, and I can certainly understand their reasons. Let me tell you something, though. It’s hot in Texas. Sometimes even dangerously hot. Our vehicle’s backseat air conditioning comes from the front console. With Bear’s seat rear facing, he got no air conditioning. A fifteen minute car ride would leave his hair soaked with sweat and his face beet red – even if I kept his window down and dressed him as lightly as possible. Longer car rides worried me, and I was counting down the days until we could turn his seat around. It’s so nice that he’s not all hot and sweaty when we get to our destination now!

After everyone was sufficiently cowboy-ified and forward facing, we began our special birthday Stock Yards trip:


It was an insanely hot, but beautiful day:

After we parked, we loaded up the boys in the stroller – but we still had one very important order of business to address…

…the official presentation to Bug of his Birthday Sheriff pin. We made a very big deal out of Bug’s responsibility as the Birthday Sheriff – to have a happy heart, to share, to enjoy, and to make sure Bear has the best first birthday ever.


Listen here, folks. We got ourselves a birthday boy, and I expect you’ll treat him real good. As the Birthday Sheriff, I gotta keep the law. It could get real ugly in here if that there Bear don’t have himself a good time…got it? 

Once Bug laid down the law, we headed for the petting zoo. I love that Shawn and Bug are walking in the same stride here:

You’d be surprised how much difference the shade of a tent makes in the Texas heat! 

Well, partner. You can rest assured that I have more birthday pictures to show ya, but they’ll have to wait for another post. ‘Till then, folks – y’all take care and we’ll see you real soon. 


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