a texas birthday (pt. 2)

After donning our cowboy attire, dubbing Bug the Birthday Sheriff, and enjoying a good petting zoo, we headed to the Fort Worth Stock Yards maze. Our adventure started off with fun and curiosity:

We set about the goal of finding four letters: M, A, Z, and E:

We found the first couple of letters in just about fifteen minutes:

…and we punched the little card at each station to prove that we ‘d found the spot:

But then it started getting hot in that dang maze. Despite the shade provided by the walls and the misters, the heat started getting to us a little. Bug and I made an early exit to get some water and find some shade, while birthday boy and Daddy finished finding the rest of the letters. My heroes.

We heard that the daily cattle drive went through the main street at 4:00, so we settled the boys in the shade and took a breather while we waited. Not without doing some birthday kissin’:

Bug was so excited by seeing the cows (bulls? steer?), and I was pretty pumped to see a cowgirl. Anything you can do, I can do better and all that:

Then I felt badly that it was Bear’s birthday, and I didn’t have any photos of him enjoying the cattle drive. Sweaty boy was much less impressed:

We did some shopping through an old converted barn. The shops used to be stalls for pigs, sheep, and cattle:

We stumbled across a spice shop, and discovered this gem:

My mind was reeling with the incredible baked concoctions we could enjoy with this very special ingredient. In fact, we’ve already had some espresso chocolate chip cookies that were awesome. I’m thinking espresso peanut butter chocolate chip cookies should be next. Too much, you say? Well…more for me!

I made friends with the locals:

The boys got to see a train up close and personal-like, which was one of their highlights:

We did a little more lookin’ around and seein’ of the sights:

Then we headed home – tired, but so happy. On our way home, we stopped and got Riscky’s Barbecue for dinner. Seemed fitting.

We sang  happy birthday and gave Bear a cupcake. Turns out that boy loves him some icing. He also happens to love his new toys from friends and family who wanted to participate in our celebration:





Thanks Grammy, Grampy, Katie, and Aunt Rachael for all the perfect birthday presents!


Shawn decided the world needed to see an up-close and personal of me and my face. I’m not including the full size version of this photo because I feel that would be punishment for computer monitors everywhere. 

Adorable nakey boys and I reading the sweet book from Katie. The book that Bug already has memorized, by the way. He loves to “read” it to Bear:

There you have it. The rootinest tootinest birthday celebration for the cutest ‘lil cowboy the world may ever know!


One thought on “a texas birthday (pt. 2)

  1. Jen–you look incredible. End of story. You look happy, full to the brim with love, and like you could go run a marathon.

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