Before we left for Hilton Head, I added the location to my weather app so I could know how to pack for the trip and for each day. Occasionally for kicks and giggles I like to check to see what the weather in ‘ole SC is like. I should probably stop, it’s getting downright depressing. As I’m typing this, the local weather says that our Texas high today is 108. Nope, that’s not the heat index and that’s not an exaggeration. 108. The high for Hilton Head today? 86 degrees.

86 degrees sounds downright chilly right now.

So in light of Texas’ August heat, I’ll be looking at these photos today and pretending that we’re once again in Hilton Head. I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t sweat as I walk from my house to the car. 37 more days until October. Not that I’m keeping track or anything.

Silly Bear on the beach, ready to do some sand digging. And the blurriness isn’t a camera or editing effect, my lens just fogged up in the humidity:

While this is a super cute photo of Bug, I especially love this photo because I happen to think Shawn looks fantastically handsome: 

My boys in their cute ‘lil rash guards and light hair, lookin’ like they belong on the west coast:

Bug didn’t quite understand the concept of burying someone, so he gave up after he buried my feet. 

Like most women, I can look at this photo and find at least eight flaws about my body (stomach pooch), face (chubs), or hair (weird postpartum flyaways still haven’t gone away), but I’m working to focus on the positive of things like that. Like, hello – I’ve lost 60 lbs and given birth to two cutie patooties. Let’s cut ourselves some slack, shall we?

This next progression of photos just cracks me up. Getting a photo of five young cousins is no easy task. There were all sorts of silly antics going on behind the camera (by both relatives and complete strangers) in order to get every child looking and smiling. While we failed to get the perfect photo for which we were trying, I think we did pretty well in capturing personalities. 

Bug was moody this day – surprise, surprise. Also, that pile behind the kids in Bug’s and Cousin K.’s first sand castle…or sand blob as I like to call it. 

This photo is probably my favorite – hilarious on so many levels:

Believe it or not, I only have a handful of vacation photos left to post. I know you’re getting tired of seeing them, but try to contain your excitement please. It’s just embarrassing. 


3 thoughts on “pretending

  1. I have to admit… this morning I was watching the Today Show and saw that the high in Dallas was 108˙, and felt sick just thinking about it. I complain about 80˙. What can I say? I’m a Midwestern girl. 😉

    What I’m really saying is… sympathy goes out to you.

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