summ-ah goal accountability

Can you believe it’s almost the end of August already? I have to be honest, I see my northern friends posting about feeling the fall weather and I kind of want to punch them in the face. Because there is no crisp morning air here. It’s slightly less hot, but still pretty hot morning air. There’s no cool evenings. It’s you can finally go outside for ten minutes without sweating evenings. But not fifteen minutes, cause you’d definitely sweat then.

It took me until August 25th, but dude – I’m full on complaining about the heat.

Whining aside, it’s actually been one of the best summers I’ve ever had. I’ve even mourning the fact that Bug will be heading to preschool soon and our summer fun is winding down for the year. To be honest, I think one of the reasons it’s been such a great summer is that I’ve been working on this goal list. It’s taken the pressure off of me feeling like I had to be abstractly productive, and let me enjoy my time with the boys while knowing I was accomplishing something in our summer months. Since I promised I’d report back to you throughout the summer, here’s my accountability post. The final post will come at the end of September, which is when I’ll officially consider our Texas summer to be over:

1. Finish Beth Moore study

Done! I finished this a few weeks ago and have been doing a Bible reading plan and a devo book in my quiet time now.

2. Wake up early 2-3 days/week to study and pray.

I’m still using the boys’ nap time to do this, but have been able to spend time with God 4 days a week. It’s been awesome.

3. Teach Bug all of his letter sounds and begin teaching phonics.

We’re almost finished with this one. He knows all of letter sounds except the vowels. The fact that they make two different sounds kind of trips him up.

4. Teach Bear to walk.

Oh my, that boy is SO close! He’s taking about five steps pretty regularly, but still prefers to hold onto something for stability. I think he’d get much further if he didn’t get so excited at himself that he flailed his arms and tumbled right onto his cloth diapered butt. Of course, it’s adorable when he does that – so I’m not complaining.

5. Lose 30 lbs.

Done! I wasn’t sure if I’d honestly be able to reach this goal, so I’m excited! I just got there about a week ago (for a total of 60 lbs lost), so I’m working on just maintaining that now.

6. Save X-amount towards a house down payment.

I think by the end of September we’ll have about half what I had hoped we’d have. That means we probably won’t be ready to house shop in the early fall, but we’re working hard and doing what we can.

7. Get Serwa Chic products stocked in a local store.

I’m actually communicating with two or three different shops about this possibility, and am working on setting up a meeting with one of them soon!

8. Sew 20-40 more Perfect Fit AIOs to stock.

Yeah, this one is just not gonna happen. And I’m cool with that.

Overall, I’m pretty proud of how our summer has shaped up and what I was able to accomplish. I love the idea of setting new goals for new seasons of life and am even kicking around the idea of making a list of goals for the fall/winter. Would that make me a nerd?


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