heading home

I know, you were probably worried sick – wondering if I had any more vacation photos left to show. Rest your mind, dear blog readers. I do, indeed have more vacation photos. The last of my vacation photos, in fact. Are you impressed that I blogged about our vacation for an entire six weeks? I sure am. We snapped a few pictures as we prepared to leave Hilton Head and head back home to Texas:

I would say eight out of ten of my photos look like this. Apparently I have children who love to eat the camera:

Ooh, those cheeks! I could kiss ’em for days!

This about sums up how everyone felt about going home:

It looks like Bug’s decided he’s too cool for smiling in pictures now. He noticed me playing with our camera, so he asked me to take a picture of him. When I told him to smile, this is what I got. Did he suddenly turn 13?!

And now my dear friends, I’ll leave you with this. Bug’s sassy-pants-face. You may think it’s adorable, but don’t be fooled – that’s sheer stubbornness in those eyes: 


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