on the homefront

It’s so hard to believe August is already over and September is finally here! Even though the weather here probably won’t cool down for good until October, Hurricane Lee has left us with a week or so of not-crazy-hot temps. It’s been exciting to look at the forecast and see temperatures of 89, 92, and 98 – rather than 106, 109, and 107. I’m enjoying letting the boys play outside for longer than fifteen minutes again!

Shawn: Fall kick off is always a little hectic in student ministry, but Shawn’s done a great job of organizing and managing that chaos. His brain is stuffed full of small group management right now, and he’s also working on planning the guys’ and girls’ fall retreats in October. I think he’s finally pretty well settled into his new office, although as with any new space there are always kinks to work out. He’s insanely excited about the cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, hoodies, and football!

Jen: I’ve begun leading a 7th grade girls’ small group this year, which has been interesting. I hesitated to jump into a small group right away, knowing how attached I am to my NC girls, so I waited until this fall to start. I’m finding it to be a weird dichotomy of LOVING actively ministering and leading again, while also physically aching with how much I miss my NC girls every Wednesday night. I really am loving those 7th grade girls, but I didn’t expect it to make me miss my original small group girls so much. However (on that note), I’m so excited that I’ll be visiting North Carolina very soon! I have a girls’ retreat planned with a few of the gals to whom I grew close through my Sunday School class, and I’m flying in a day early and flying out a day late so I can visit with friends. To say I can’t wait is a bit of an understatement!

In less exciting news, I’ve begun a love affair with Pinterest. I’m a little bit addicted, I can’t lie.

Bug: This week has begun Bug’s first week of 3-day preschool! He’s going half days this week and will begun his full days (9-2) next week. When I picked him up from his first day Tuesday, he cried. Not because he missed me. Not because it was a tough day. Nope. Because he didn’t want to leave. Nothing makes you feel like a great Mom like your 2-year old throwing a fit because he doesn’t want to go home with you. Hmph.

Apparently a few nights ago, Bug decided that he needed some middle of the night activities to do. While we were sleeping, he walked out of his room and into the kitchen, where he completely emptied our junk drawer – even drawing on the counter with a Sharpie. I woke up the next morning to find the contents of the drawer all over the floor and Mee-Hee lying face down in the middle of it. I think Bug was trying to frame Mee-Hee, but I won’t be fooled. Mee-Hee couldn’t have written on the counter with the marker – he doesn’t even have thumbs.

Bear: I think it’s safe to say Bear is officially walking! He began his for real walking at church, which seems fitting for a boy whose name means “priest.” On Wednesdays, I take the boys from the gym straight to church (they’re close to one another and it’s not worth the drive back home). I get there about an hour early, so I pack the boys dinner and feed them in an empty classroom. Then we play for about 30 mins, until I check them in and head over to small groups. During that playtime, he took about fifteen steps – stopping and starting a few times! For the first time, he wasn’t walking towards a person or an object to get his balance, he was just walking! They said he was walking up a storm during church, and he walked another twelve steps or so towards me when I picked him up. Go Bear!

Bear had his one year check up this week, and weighed in at a whopping 18 lbs! He’s gaining weight consistently, and our doctor said he believes his small size is a combination of genetics and a high activity level. I switched pediatricians (within the same practice), and I really think I’ll like our new doctor quite a bit. He tends toward the crunchy side of things – not giving meds unless absolutely necessary, spreading out vaccines, supporting breastfeeding, etc. Being the borderline hippie that I am, I think we’ll get along well.

So there you have it – all the exciting happenings of our little family! Since most of my readers are from further north, I hope you’re enjoying your 50 degree weather and breaking out your jeans and hoodies again. We’ll still be sweating in our shorts for another couple of weeks, but we’ll be joining you with your pumpkin spice lattes soon enough!


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