a letter to bug

Dearest Bug,

Today isn’t any particular holiday, celebration, or occasion, I just felt like I wanted to write you a letter. I’m so amazed by you lately, and though I tell you that fact a lot, I want to make sure you know it down to your bones. You’re precious, my sweet son – and spending time with you is one of my favorite things to do in the world. You’re so tender and so cuddly, and you make everything right in the world when you cuddle next to me, lay your head on my arm, and wrap your arm through mine. One of my favorite memories of you of late occurs at bedtime. It really started one night when I was exhausted and just too tired to kneel next to your bed and read you the Bible. “Hey Bud?” I asked “Can I crawl into bed next to you while we read the Bible?” You agreed, and so a nightly tradition began. Every night I lay in bed next to you (and you thoughtfully make sure I’m covered by your blanket) while we remember our day. We talk about all the memories we made, things we learned, and activities we did. I love watching your mind work as you remember each event and add your own thoughts or impressions. Your little eyes are literally inches from my face, and I just soak in every detail of who you are. You cuddle in the crook of my arm, and together we discover God’s word and what He has to say to us. That time we have together is precious to me and it’s something I store up and treasure in my heart.

When you’re not busy being cuddly and tender, you keep busy being rough and tumble! I caught you trying to jump from the coffee table to the couch the other day, and not a day goes by that I’m surprised you don’t break a bone. You are an innate daredevil, but you also thankfully have an incredible sense of balance. Despite that balance, you certainly have more than your share of bruises, scratches, bug bites, and bumps on your little legs. I love it, though. Those things tell me you’re living an active, curious, energetic childhood – and that makes me happy.

Even though you and your brother disagree sometimes about who should be holding what toy, you guys are definitely little best friends. He misses you so much when you’re at school or napping, and you already know him so well. You’re so proud of Bear when he accomplishes something, and you take such pride in teaching him new things. You two make each other laugh so much, and my heart fills to its brim when I hear you two giggling at each other in the back seat.

You’re in a really fun phase of talking where you just word phrases in ways that are comical, and your nonstop curiosity about the world around you can’t help but overflow into what you say. For instance, you asked me today if I pee peed in my underwear. I didn’t, but I appreciate your concern. One of my favorite things you say right now is, “Oh! Dank you!” in a tone of surprised thankfulness. Sometimes you say it when I hand you your milk, sometimes it’s when a stranger opens a door for us. You’re always very polite about saying “thank you” in those instances, but it makes me grin when you bust out the surprised thank you. Daddy and I may or may not say that to each other sometimes – just to make ourselves smile.

As one of my favorite books to read to you says, “You’re my sweetie, my dear. My smile and laughter. You’re my playmate for always and my joy ever after.” I love you, Bug. I don’t even have words to express how cherished your little life is and how much you mean to me.

Love always,



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