We’ve learned that one of the ways the Texas locals stay cool in the summer is by consuming vast quantities of snowcones, or snowballs. There’s one particular place near us that is (as we’re told by many) THE best. Truth be told, it’s pretty dang good. They have an insane amount of flavors (including cupcake – my current favorite), mix-ins (gummy bears, Oreos, Reese’s, sprinkles…and about thirty others), and other options (such as ice cream at the bottom – Shawn’s go to). They even have a size called “Pee-Wee” that’s slightly larger than a dixie cup and perfect for Bug.

For our first visit, we thought we’d get our snowballs and eat them at the provided picnic tables while the boys ran in the grass a little. Shawn stood in line with Bear while Bug amused himself with the spray mister. It was right after this that we realized how insanely hot it was, and decided everyone would be happier if we got our snowballs to go. 

Now that the heat is simmering down a little, we may try our outdoor snowball adventure again. It’s quickly becoming a favorite summertime Sunday evening activity for all of us!


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