Leftover night is one of my favorite dinner nights. Sure, it means I don’t have to cook or even think about preparing dinner until five minutes before it’s time to eat – but a lot of leftovers are better after they’ve had a chance to sit. Chili, for example. Or lasagna.

Or perhaps these pictures from VBS that I’m just now getting a chance to post? Each VBS evening, I took the boys to the gym and then we headed to church to eat the dinner I packed for the boys. After dinnertime, they got to enjoy a little bit of playtime before we all got checked in and VBS-ified.


It’s not the best quality photo, but sweet Bug eating his cheese sandwich. That boy loves him some cheese sandwiches right now!
Playing in what’s called “The Cube”- a giant indoor playground. This was the perfect option for us because the boys were able to run around ’till their hearts content, but also be safely in air conditioning in the heat of Texas July. 

The theme for the younger kids’ VBS this year was “hero,” and Bug was all about his little Superman. 

Even though Bear couldn’t go down the slides yet or enjoy The Cube to its full potential, he still had a blast crawling, balancing, and watching his big brother go crazy!


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