summ-ah goal wrap up

So Bear and I went outside this morning to bring in the last of the cloth diapers I was air drying. I went out in basketball shorts and a tank top. Guess what? GUESS WHAT! I had to go back inside to get a long sleeve shirt because it was too cold. TOO COLD! We’re still getting up to the mid-90’s during the day, but I can feel it in my bones. Fall is on its way. My jeans, boots, scarves, and jackets are calling out to me from my closet- begging to be worn.

And when your boots start talking to you, that’s when you know you’ve been trapped in Texas summer for just a little too long.

You might remember that I have a passionate love affair with lists, and decided it would be a good idea to have a list of goals I wanted to accomplish during the summer of 2011.I promised y’all a wrap up post to let you know if I failed miserably or actually achieved any of those goals, so here goes….


1. Finish Beth Moore study.

Done and done. 🙂 I did the updated study about the tabernacle, which thrilled this little nerd’s heart. This was also my first time doing a Beth Moore study, and I always felt a little less Christian when someone asked me if I’d ever done a Beth Moore study and I answered with a, “no.”

2. Devote time 2-3 times a week to study and pray.

This is obviously an ongoing discipline, but I was able to accomplish this during the boys’ nap time. Even though it took a lot of work to carve out that time on a regular basis, God always blessed me tenfold for doing so. I plan on continuing this habit through the fall and winter months and am so grateful I finally took steps to make this time with God a real priority.

3.  Teach Bug all of his letter sounds and begin teaching phonics.

Besides those pesky vowel sounds he has trouble with, I’d say this goal was accomplished! In fact, he was watching Super Why yesterday and actually read the word “hat.” I’m waiting to see if it was a fluke or a lucky guess, but we’ll be working on sounding out words in the meantime.

4. Teach Bear to walk.

Check-a-rooni. 🙂 He still crawls if he wants to get somewhere quickly, but he’s walking up a storm lately. It’s a cute little robot-looking walk, and he still gets tickled with himself when he walks a long distance. Cutie patootie.

5. Save X-amount towards a house downpayment.

We were able to save about 75% of my summer goal, which isn’t too shabby. That puts us at about 30% towards reaching our entire downpayment goal. We’ll be working hard at saving every penny we can through the fall and winter to hopefully get to our downpayment goal!

6. Lose 30 lbs.

Done and done. 🙂

7. Get Serwa Chic products stocked in a local store.

This is the only goal on which I wasn’t able to make much progress, but it’s also the goal at which I worked the least. I guess that’s fair. I’ll keep working at this and prayerfully looking at what steps I need to take next in order to grow my business in God’s timing.

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been thinking about what goals and plans I’d like to make for the fall and early winter season. I loved feeling like I had direction and purpose this summer, and I loved being able to easily focus my time and energy on my family’s (and my) needs. I’m certain you’re completely bored by my OCD-like list making, but I am planning on posting my fall goal list soon. If you ARE bored with my obsessive list making, you really should be glad you’re not in my house right now. I can see at least three different lists I’ve made – scratch that…four – just from where I’m sitting. I know it seems a bit much, but if you knew the chaos that swirls in my head, you’d understand how important it is that I have SOME kind of organizational system for said chaos.

Ha – I just found a fifth list. I’m thinking of making a list of all the lists I have going right now. Too much? Hmph.


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