bear and the doctor

You may have noticed that one of the tools I use to amuse my kids in situations that require patience is to take pictures of them. Oh wait, maybe that’s more to amuse me. Either way. I took what some may consider an inordinate amount of photos at Bear’s 1-year well visit, but those some obviously don’t understand just how adorable my kids are. Need proof? Check it out:

I love that this pediatrician’s offices are well stocked with toys, puzzles, and books. It not only makes the waiting less painful, it also provides a distraction when I’m trying to focus on what the doctor is saying! 

Bear has invented a fun new game that never fails to make me smile. First of all, we take off his shirt. With a mischevious smile, he wraps the shirt around the back of his neck:

Then he makes silly faces:

Then he frantically waves the shirt in the air and does a cute little giggle/dance:

Then he puts the shirt around his neck again:

Then he puts it on top of his head. He keeps up this routine until he’s ready to move onto something else, and it’s really stinkin’ adorable:

In the last few moments before the doctor arrived, I was actually using the camera as a way to distract Bear from his growing impatience and happened to capture some cuteness. I need to make you aware that I’m barely restraining myself from nibbling on his cheeks through the computer monitor right now.

And then he decided he’d had enough of the toy playing, shirt waving, and photo taking. Thankfully the doctor came in soon afterwards:

And cutie pie Bear who refuses to keep his shoes on as we waited for Daddy to come pick us up:


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