grown up

Nothing makes me feel more like an adult than going on a wine tour. Wine tour? Is that even what they’re called? I’m not much of a drinker – mostly because our roles in ministry require that we be very, very careful on this particular subject. Nothing gets Christians quite so riled up and angry at each other as the topic of drinking.

So please don’t hate me or think I’m going to hell. I went to a winery. And tasted wine. And realized I kind of like white wine.

And by “kind of like,” I mean “would maybe order a glass on a special fancy date with Shawn but would drink about 1/3 of it before the taste got old.” Still, even the fact that I know I tolerate like white wine makes me feel very, very adult.

I feel like I should have a conversation with you now about investments and how to perfectly baste a turkey while sipping on my newly-found white wine. Instead, I think I’ll go fix my snack of tater tots and finish watching Aladdin. Just keepin’ it real.


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