in which i promise we’re not drunk

Really and truly, I promise.

Well, maybe a little drunk on the idea of getting to spend an entire weekend with great friends.

And perhaps a little more excited for a weekend away without the kids than any self-respecting Mother ought to be.

…but definitely not drunk.

How sick are you of hearing about my girls’ weekend? Because you know me and my obsessive need to post every picture I have of every event I’ve ever done, so I’m afraid you’re going to need to brace yourself. There are more pictures a-comin’.

In case you’re wondering who you can blame for this insane amount of photos, allow me to present to you Exhibit A. Poor Patrice kept us highly amused with her camera’s self-timer. The only reason we have any photos of all five of us is because of Patrice and that freakin’ self-timer. She’d painstakingly arrange the camera for just the right shot, press the button, then run and hop in the photo. There was almost always someone cut off, a blurry take, or someone blinking – so the arrange, press, run, hop process happened at least ten times for each shot.

No wonder she’s so skinny, that’s a lot of work.

BUT! The end of all that work produced this. The ability to capture the hearts of some of the most real women of God I’ve known.

Real women of God who steal grapes, but you know…

For this next set of photos, I need to tell you a story. Once upon a time, five girls took a crap load of pictures. When one particular photo was being taken, the photographer shouted, “Now do a sexy pose!” One of the girls struck a perfectly sweetly sexy pose, while the other was (figuratively) paralyzed. The other couldn’t be sexy if her life depended on it. So she squatted and grimaced – doing her best attempt to be sexy.

Then she got mocked and ridiculed by her so-called friends. Haters be hatin’.

But then a live band started playing, so she and her friend had a dance contest to see who was the coolest.

[This is one of my favorite photos ever of Patrice. She just looks downright adorable. If we weren’t already friends, this photo alone would convince me that we needed to be friends as quickly as possible.]

The contest ended in a complete tie. I’m sure you can plainly see why they were both declared the coolest of all the land.

And they lived happily ever after. [If Disney ever gets word of this captivating tale, I’m gonna be rich].

The End.


3 thoughts on “in which i promise we’re not drunk

  1. Laughed out loud reading your captions to go with these. What a great weekend! Can’t wait till next year!!! Only downfall to these photos, they make me miss you LIKE CRAZY!

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