to regard fondly or with affection, to benefit greatly from

Have I mentioned how much I loved my Girls’ Weekend? I did not just like it. I did not just mildly enjoy it. I did not tolerate it, nor did I think it was pretty good, pretty fun, or kind of a good time.

Because I feel like you may not have gotten the entire breadth of my feelings about the Girls’ Weekend over the past month, you need to know – I LOVED my Girls’ Weekend. LOVED. L-O-V-E-D.

A better blogger would have at least looked up a synonym to use for the word “love.” This blogger is hoping if I type it a few different ways you’ll just think I used different words.

Don’t blame me. You’re the one who keeps coming back.


In these two photos, you’ll notice many similarities. You’ll notice a well prepared and delicious meal. You’ll notice the rustic atmosphere of the cabin where we stayed. You’ll notice a sweetly smiling Aletha, Erica, and Jen. Of course, you’ll also notice one rather large difference. In the first photo, Lindsey is joining us with her sweet smile. In the second photo, she turns gangster. I would say, “gansta,” but the blonde hair, quilt print pajama pants, and “rock on” hand motion she’s doing mandates that I describe her as gangster.

What I love about these photos is that you can see she’s doing everything she can to NOT throw up gang symbols in the first photo. It’s like she’s barely holding it in, then – BAM! Gangster Lindsey – comin’ atcha! We never knew what hit us.



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