on the homefront

Shawn: He’s doing pretty well, I’d say. He had a lot on his mind while he was trying to organize the retreats last weekend (it’s not easy for a youth minister to organize and execute a girls’ retreat that he would not be attending), but is getting back into rhythm of his weekly schedule. I’m fairly certain he’s pretty settled into the new building and his new office, and he’s just working hard at loving and leading those Jr. High-ers.

Jen: I’m really enjoying knowing that Fall is on its way (not quite here yet…we’re still in the high 80s). I’ve officially begun my half marathon training plan! Since the half isn’t until January, I have plenty of time and started my plan off slowly. After having not run the entire summer, I’m thrilled to see that two miles is still pretty easy!

Since my daily life is relatively boring at the moment, I’ll share a couple of my favorite recent purchases. After having been in Texas for ten months, I finally caved and bought myself a pair of bedazzled designer jeans. I made fun of them at first, but then they started to grow on me. Then I tried a pair on and realized that my butt looked awesome in them.

Will you stop rolling your eyes at me if I tell you I bought them at a consignment store? Pay retail price for a pair of designer jeans?! Do you think I’m crazy? While I was at said consignment shop, I also picked up this gem. No, not the half naked toddler. The jacket. I know this isn’t a great quality photo, but my choices were to put some pants on that cutie pie son of mine or edit this picture.

Who am I kidding? I actually did neither.

Anyway. So the jacket is a tweed, cropped, brown jacket. It buttons across the chest with two oversized, adorable brown buttons. I love it and love that I can wear it with (ahem…my new designer) jeans and flats, or a dress and heels. 

So that about wraps up my fascinating and exciting life.

J. Bug: Bug is doing great, but is still as much of a hot mess as ever. I present for your enjoyment, photographic proof of how he keeps us on our toes. We woke up one morning to find this:

Our utensil drawer completely emptied onto the counter. You may notice all manner of dangerous objects that were apparently taken out, probably examined, then placed on the counter by a 2-year old while his ever-responsible parents slept soundly. A couple of nights after this, Bug walked into our room at 1:30 in the morning. “Daddy,” he whispered, “Cwean (clean) my hands? Poffee on my hands.”

With more where-with-all than I would’ve been able to muster, Shawn asked, “Bud. Why do you have coffee on your hands?” Bug answered, “I make Mommy poffee.”

Sure enough when Shawn walked into the kitchen, there was a stool pulled up to the counter with coffee grounds ever-y-where. That night, we put a gate up at the end of the hallway so Bug isn’t able to just walk into the kitchen whenever he fancies and almost kill himself/hype up on caffeine.

The same day as the “weapons of Bug destruction” incident, we also enjoyed this nap time incident:

After making it clear he wasn’t a fan of going to sleep during his nap time, Bug slid both of these books under the door.When Shawn posted this photo on his Facebook page, my Mom commented “He is his mother’s son.” Hmph.

So yeah. Bug is doing great, if not a little “energetic.” We’ll just leave it at that.

C. Bear: 

Bear is still stinkin’ cute! He’s actually been a little fussy the past couple of days, but I think he may be teething. He’s still doing his cute little robot walk and walks pretty much everywhere now. He’s doing much better at keeping his balance – even when his big brother decides he needs a hug.
Things on the homefront are going well and moving right along. We’re all enjoying being able to get outside a little more often and are still overdosing on all flavors pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I really should put some pants on my kid. Or at least give his butt cheek a good pinch. Maybe a ‘lil of both.

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