my girls

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged an insane amount about my North Carolina small group girls. Leaving NC in their senior year of high school was -by far- the hardest part of us moving. I knew it’d be tough and I knew I’d miss them, but I had no idea. No idea.

When I flew to Winston for our Girls’ Weekend, getting some quality small group girls time was one of my highest priorities. I was able to hang out with several of the girls on the front end of the trip, but I was also able to meet up with a few at Starbucks the evening before I flew out. At one point I remember one of the girls (Kayla) telling me a story, but I had completely stopped listening. I was focusing on the details of the girls’ faces and was soaking in how much it filled my heart up just to be near those girls again. To be able to see their facial expressions, to watch them interact, to see their smiles, and most importantly – to be able to hug them!

It did my heart good.


[Brittany, Caity, Jen, Hannah, Kayla]

[Jen and Kayla]

[Brittany looks very super-model-like here]

[Hannah and Jen]

[Caity and Jen]

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