you know, just a pedi

I happen to be very low maintenance when it comes to pampering myself – I cut my own hair, rarely buy new clothes, wear makeup about twice a week, and rarely bother doing my nails. I was low maintenance before I had kids, but I’m even lower maintenance now. As in, “I shower every other day” low maintenance. So it should come as no surprise to you that paying someone to paint my toenails and hurt the crap out of my feet was a foreign idea to me. In fact, the very first time I’d ever been given a pedicure was just about a year ago when I was pregnant with C. Bear. It turns out I had no idea what I was missing, because pedicures are awesome! Seriously.

If I had all the money to spend in the world, I’d probably get a pedicure once a week. I’d also get a nonfat toffee nut latte every day and pay someone to clean my house, but that’s neither here nor there. The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve surprised myself by how much this frugal-no-frills girl actually enjoys getting a pedicure. So when I was trying to think of something to do when my friend Jenn and I hung out during my Girls’ Weekend, I audibly gasped when I came to the conclusion that we could get pedicures. And get pedicures we did. Along with a hot stone foot massage. Ahhh…I’m feeling more relaxed just thinking about it.

Jenn and I became friends when she put the word out that she was looking for a newborn to photograph. I should probably explain here that she’s a professional photographer, not just some creeper takin’ pictures of babies. This was in November of 2008, and we just happened to have a newborn on hand. Jenn was looking to get more experience in the newborn photography arena, and I have to say J. Bug gave her quite the experience. He cried most of the time, we had to stop the session so I could nurse him, and he peed on her blanket. All in a day’s work for that kid.

The photos Jenn took were absolutely amazing, and she continued to take photos of J. Bug as he hit milestone ages. She even took photos of our family at the hospital after we had C. Bear, and she also took precious newborn photos of him as well. She’s kind of been there for so many of our family’s major moments, and she means so much to us. Since we first met, she’s been able to quit her full time job to dedicate her time entirely to her photography business. We had a lot to catch up on!

That was seriously one dang good pedicure, too. It’s been about six weeks, and my toes are still looking pink and pretty. The bottom of my feet – notsomuch. I’ll blame that on having boys and walking outside barefoot, though.

Besides, at the rate I’m going I’ll spring for a pedicure once every few years. The grosser my feet get, the more I get my money’s worth, right? And when I do get another pedicure, I’ll say, “you know, just gettin’ a pedi” as if it’s something I do once a week. Along with drinking a nonfat toffee nut latte every day and managing a housekeeper, because that’s just how we roll.


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