um, we’re buying a house?!

Yeah, I said it. We’re buying a house. We decided a couple of weeks ago to officially start our house search, and the house we ended up putting an offer on was the very first house we looked at. Shawn and I were both a little shocked that we found the perfect house so quickly (we expected it to take a few months…at least), but find the perfect house we did!

So the good news

We love the house. LOVE. It’s four bedrooms, two and a half baths, good sized yard, and just beautiful. There are so many things we love about it that I’ll share later, but my heart literally skips a beat when I think about how excited I am to live there.

The double sided good news

As of now, we’re closing on November 21st. This is great because Shawn will have some vacation time for Thanksgiving, so packing up and moving won’t be as stressful as it could be. It’s also exciting that we’ll be moved in by Christmas. And yes, I already have planned where the Christmas tree will go, in case you’re wondering.

Of course, that also means WE’RE CLOSING IN LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS! Holy moly. There’s a lot to do in those four weeks. A lot. Not the least of which is packing up and moving all the stuff we just packed up and moved ten months ago. Four weeks? Holy moly.

The bad news

I think the only real “bad” news is just that we’ll be very busy for the next few weeks. I won’t be blogging as much, and we likely won’t be returning as many calls or replying to as many texts. Don’t get me wrong – we won’t be as busy as that time we put our house in North Carolina on the market, had a newborn baby, and moved from North Carolina to Texas – but we’ll still have more than our share of stuff to do.

Oh yeah, and moving is expensive. Even just moving across town – there are tons of hidden costs, deposits, etc. We’re excited though, and a few weeks of mayhem and frugality is totally worth it!


6 thoughts on “um, we’re buying a house?!

  1. So awesome! Can’t wait to see photos. I’ll be praying for you guys over the next four weeks, that all will go smoothly as possible. And I can’t wait to come visit and stay in your fourth bedroom! 🙂

    • Yep, that 4th bedroom is specifically for guests! If you guys do come visit, we might even put our boys in the same room and let Jonah have his own room…we’re just fancy like that. Seriously though, we’d LOVE to have you guys!

  2. What?! Did we not just talk about this last week when you were bummed out that it would be a while before you’d be buying a house? Obviously, God had other plans!

    Oh, I can’t wait to hear all about it! Wish I could come help you move, throw you a house-warming party, or at least watch the boys for you.

    Congratulations! So excited for you!

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