cutie mcbooties

So it’s 55 degrees right now. It’s 55 degrees, and that’s the high for today.

Hello, fall. I love you. I love you so much I want to marry you and live forever in your cool weather, falling leaves, and warm beverages. Don’t worry, Shawn won’t mind because he loves you as much as I do. I bet we could do some kind of sister-wife thing even. Except it’d have to be brother-husband? I don’t know, we’ll figure it out. Please just stay forever and don’t ever leave, okay? Okay.

We went on a walk a couple of weeks ago and when we stopped to let the boys play, I whipped out the camera.

[Shawn and C. Bear, looking kind of like twins]


[My sweet J. Bug with his inquisitive face]

[J. Bug was ALL about playing with the rocks. He insisted this particularly interesting rock be in our photograph together. So here is Jen, J. Bug, and the Rock.]

[I’ll just give you a heads up with these photos that you can’t actually kiss those cheeks through the computer monitor. I’ve tried.]

[The boys are playing together much more nicely these days.]

[Stop trying to kiss your computer monitor! I already told you – it won’t work!]

[Lately J. Bug has been asking to take photos with our camera a lot. It’s taking him awhile to learn how to look at the screen to see what you’re taking a picture of, and he still hasn’t grasped getting his finger out of the way of the lens, but it’s always interesting to see what he finds picture-worthy. On this day, he took no less than ten photos of his rocks. Rocks up close. Rocks far away. Rocks stacked. Brown rocks. White rocks. And in this case, the “big rock, ‘lil rock, and ‘lil-er rock.” I spared you the umpteen other rock photos, but I won’t promise that if I hit a blogging slump they won’t make an appearance.]

[Once we convinced J. Bug that taking photos of his family might be as fun as taking photos of rocks, this is what we got]
[And then of course, he continued to take about twenty more rock photos. Priorities, people. Priorities.]

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